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More Singaporeans firms are using online platforms to raise funds

12 Apr

More Singaporeans firms are using online platforms to raise funds

The Internet has helped to completely transform our modern world in more ways than most people can imagine.

It’s almost staggering to realize that the Internet as we know it isn’t even quite 20 years old, and maybe even more staggering that many of the online platforms that we take advantage of every single day weren’t even on our radar five or 10 years ago.

And though the overwhelming majority of the global press focuses on the kinds of online innovations deal with the business world, more and more people are starting to wake up to the social good that the Internet is helping to make possible.

Online communities are pulling together they are resources to change lives for the better

Make no mistake about it the Internet has completely and totally transformed the way that we go about communicating with one another. It has helped (may be more than anything else) to bring all corners of the planet closer together, and a lot of the online platforms out there today are springing up with a social focus in mind.

Groups like GiveAsia and Indiegogo are just some of these online platforms dedicated to helping individuals and organizations from all over the world raise money for different projects and efforts, with many of these initiatives designed specifically to help change lives all over the world.

Singapore in particular has been a major player in utilizing these platforms for social good, with more than 100 different campaigns going up on the social platform Indiegogo in just the last year.

The citizens of Singapore have been able to facilitate close to $240 million in donations for different social campaigns that impact lives all over the world, and a significant amount of that money has gone directly to those that need it most.

Online charitable communities are growing at an exponential rate

The amazing thing about these online charitable efforts is that they are only getting more and more involved on a daily basis.

In 2010, the people of Singapore had supported about 25 local charities through the Give Asia platform. In 2015, then number has grown to 250+ – with organizers expecting 2016 to report close to 400 different local charities being supported on this online initiative.

These charities range from pressing issues that face the global community like cancer research all the way down to smaller campaigns designed specifically to help the people of Singapore pay bills, buy groceries, or climb out of debt – and everything in between.

More and more organizations are getting involved with online platforms designed to raise funds for all kinds of groups and initiatives, and this doesn’t look like it’s going to be a trend that slows down anytime soon.

It will definitely be interesting to see what the shape and culture of the online fundraising is like in 10, 15, or even 20 years. The odds are pretty good that it too will change just as much and as rapidly as everything else on the Internet has – and it could usher in a level of global philanthropy never before seen in human history.



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