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Unaudited Financial Statements Singapore

Dormant Companies
*No Sales for accounting period
*Applied for waiver of Form C/C-S
*No Bank Loans or Hire Purchase
*Less than 10 Expenditure Transactions
Active Companies
*Sales & Assets less than 10 Million
*Employee less than 50
*No Corporate shareholders
*Not holding any shares in other company
*No investment in stocks
*No Treasury or preference shares
*Additional fee applies for companies with PIC, Loans or Hire Purchase

1. Book Keeping service is not included
2. If XBRL is need, additional charges will apply
3. If A1 is not your company secretary, the price may vary
4. Provide us with your company’s Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet to get a better quote

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Looking for providers to assist in compilation of Unaudited Financial Statements for Singapore Companies?

We provide professional services for compilation of Unaudited Financial Statements Singapore in accordance to Singapore FRS standards and Companies’ Act.

What is a small exempt private company (“EPC”)?

An EPC is a private company with no corporate shareholders and 20 or less shareholders.

A small EPC is an EPC whose annual revenue does not exceed the prescribed annual revenue threshold of $10 million for financing years from 1 July 2015 onwards.

Eligibility for audit exemption:

  • Dormant companies (i.e. those with no significant accounting transactions). OR
  • The laws allows a small exempt private companies to be exempted from audit requirements in respect of a financial year if its revenue and asset in that year does not exceed the prescribe amount and the total number employees do not more than 50. With effect from 1 July 2015, the law has been amended to increase the prescribe amount from S$5million to S$ 10 million for financial years starting on and after 1 July 2015.

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Testimonials from our valued customers

Financial Service

Good service. My 3rd company is taking care by Joyce.

Financial Reporting

Technical knowledge of staff has shown improvement. Keep up the good work!

Financial Year and Reporting

Polite staff explains clearly each step. Keep it up!

Unaudited Financial Statements Service

Friendly staff, efficient, and cost-effective prices.

Unaudited Financial Statements Service

World Bank has selected Singapore as the world’s easiest place to do business again in the DOING BUSINESS 2013 REPORT. For those entrepreneurs with global eyesight & strategy, if they want to develop their business in Singapore, no doubt, A1 Business Pte Ltd can help them with company secretarial services & accounting services. We have been receiving good service from A1 Business Pte Ltd since 2008. We do feel happy & satisfied with the dedicated, efficient and professional services & staff of A1 Business Pte Ltd.doing this.

Unaudited Financial Statements Service

Great explanations and preparations for my company financial report, especially when this is the first time my company is doing this.

Unaudited Financial Statements Service

I represent my company and appreciate the advise and friendly customer relationship which had been given by A1 staff.