Want to choose your preferred UEN (Unique Entity Number)?

There are 2 tiers to choose from:


Free Trial



Consecutive same number

Any number combination involving ‘8’

Tier 2


Repetitive Pattern (excluding ‘8’)

Ending with triple identical number

*Note: The price is on top of the incorporation package.
*Note: This is optional.

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*Note: Please note that the underline refers to UEN prefix and suffix which are system-generated and cannot be customised.

Before purchasing SUN, you are advised to read the Terms & Conditions.

Terms & Conditions

  • A Special UEN is system-generated and cannot be amended or otherwise customised by an applicant. An applicant may select only one Special UEN for each business entity.
  • Upon successful payment of the fee for the Special UEN, it will be issued for the applicant’s business entity. iv. Any fee that is paid for a Special UEN is not refundable.
  •  Special UEN that is issued cannot be transferred by a person to any other business entity, and cannot be exchanged with any other Special UEN whether issued or not.
  • ACRA reserves the right to withdraw a Special UEN that is reserved or issued for a business entity, if for any reason the same Special UEN has already been reserved or issued for another business entity due to any reason including a system error. In this event, the applicant of the first business entity may select a new Special UEN.
  • ACRA may vary these terms and conditions at any time without notice.