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Low Cost Virtual Office Service Terms & Conditions To Follow Through

    low-cost-virtual-office-service-terms-conditions-follow-2 2 Aug

    Low Cost Virtual Office Service Terms & Conditions To Follow Through

    While low cost virtual office service is one of the many great benefits when it comes to signing up with virtual office service providers, there are often certain terms and conditions that business owners are required to follow through with on their parts. Some of the common terms and conditions you should take note of would be:


    Upon registering with a low cost virtual office, you will also be agreeing to receive virtual office service provided by said virtual office for a term. The “initial term” can either range from set months starting from the order date or the set range chosen by you from the signup form. When you renew the virtual office service after the “term” is complete, you will be automatically agreeing to the terms and conditions once more and the next term completion will follow the same range as the initial term.


    Most virtual office services allow customers to terminate their services at least 30 days before the initial term/renewal term ends. However, in situation where termination occurs before the end of the initial term, the low cost virtual office will usually not refund any fees that are paid in advance or require you to pay lesser charges according to the agreement you have signed.

    When terminating, certain low cost virtual office service providers usually request a notice of termination from you, along with customer information so that the virtual office service provider can correctly identify your account and follow through with the termination process. This is often acknowledged and made effective with a receipt of notice by your virtual office service provider. Also make sure that you are aware that once your agreement with the virtual office service is terminated, the virtual office service provider will not be liable for any reimbursement/compensation/damage costs.

    In cases that you do not agree with the terms and conditions of the virtual office service, it is advisable to terminate the agreement with the virtual officer service provider. Make sure to take the time to understand what services you are paying for and what procedures are taking place before you sign up for virtual office services.


    It is also highly recommended that users check with the virtual office service provider with matters relating to charges and payment. Certain virtual office service providers require customers to pay for their virtual office services in advance, according to the current prices they are charging. You may be required to authorise the virtual office service to charge credit or debit cards if you decide to pay by cards. In which case, certain virtual office service providers actually follow a method of accumulating supplemental charges until they exceed a certain limit before charging you.

    These are just some of the common terms and conditions you can expect from a low cost virtual office. However, do note that each individual virtual office service provider has different requirements and terms to follow as well. Before signing up and making use of the virtual office service they provide, it would be highly recommended to go through the terms and conditions they have set and clarify any terms you are unsure of.

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