How to Find the Best Entrepreneur Networking Group in Singapore

    22 May

    How to Find the Best Entrepreneur Networking Group in Singapore

    Most professionals are well aware of the beneficial impact that proper networking has on their ability to find new opportunities, uncover new open positions, and establish relationships that allow them to unlock the kind of financial freedom that they’ve always dreamed of.

    At the same time, getting started with networking from scratch – right from the very bottom, not knowing absolutely anyone in Singapore – can be a real challenge. This is especially true if this isn’t something that you have a lot of experience with.

    Thankfully though, there are a lot of fabulous entrepreneur networking groups in Singapore designed specifically to be as welcoming and as inclusive as possible. You definitely aren’t going to struggle connecting with like-minded and focused professionals just like yourself when you’re in Singapore, especially if you hook up with any of the entrepreneurial networking groups we mentioned below.

    Connect with the HUB

    Probably the most expansive networking group in the world (with more than 7000 members in 60 different “hubs”), the HUB Singapore group is filled to the brim with young professionals that are looking to establish themselves in the professional business world of Singapore.

    Not only that, but local chapters of this group are filled with talent scouts, headhunters, investors, and well-connected members of the business community – providing you with the chance to really expand your professional network in a hurry with some real deal movers and shakers.

    Join The Kennel

    Similar to the HUB, The Kennel is a slightly smaller group of networking professionals that meet with the intention of building small businesses and startups – but there’s always room for new members and they are always having very frequent meet ups (more frequent even than The HUB).
    If you are looking to establish yourself, your business, or your brand, The Kennel has plenty of resources to help you do exactly that. You’ll really be able to hit the ground running when you connect with this Singapore networking group.

    See what the SEN is up to

    With more than 5000 members already signed up (and with hundreds more being added to the roster on a regular basis), the Singapore Entrepreneurs Network – SEN – is definitely one of the hottest networking groups that you’ll want to be a part of when you’re in this country.

    Regularly meeting to discuss potential business prospects and opportunities, marketing and joint venture agreements, licensing and partnering chances and so much more, this is a very business focused group that will help you exponentially increase your odds of creating the financial future you’ve always dreamt of.

    Fall in love with Facebook Groups and LinkedIn

    Believe it or not, Facebook and LinkedIn can be fantastic resources for those new to Singapore looking to connect with like-minded people that are interested in building their career and helping others do the exact same thing.
    You’ll have to dig through many of the different groups to find the very best of the bunch, but this kind of due diligence and research will always pay off in the long term!

    Play some golf (or get involved with local activities of some kind)

    Golf has always been one of the “international languages” of networking, and people in Singapore take advantage of everything that this amazing sport has to offer just the same as professionals around the world do.

    If golf is into your game you’ll be able to connect with professionals in a variety of different local activities, combining your social networking with your professional networking to create some really special opportunities that might not have existed previously.


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