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Why is putting too much Information in your Name card Hazardous

24 May

Why is putting too much Information in your Name card Hazardous

Name Card Design Information

Business cards are considered among the most cost effective and important marketing tools that a person has. You should consider this as a calling card where a person is supposed to remember you once you have handed them the card and later contact you for business. For this reason, it means that you should always have a card that is well designed and has all the proper information that is needed to make sure the namecard serves its purpose in the right way. Below you will find the information that is supposed to be included on the card. 

The individuals full names or the name of the business The individual’s tile or any other descriptive text that indicates what the person actually does if only it cannot be picked out from the name of the business. Multiple ways to contact the person preferably phone, email, fax, web page, street address, mailing address and any other means you may deem necessary. Essential services that the business/individual offers as it is not necessary to disclose all the products or services on offer. Photograph.

Never be tempted to put too much information on your name card as this can be quite hazardous because of some of the reasons listed below:

Makes the card looks cluttered 

With a business card, you do not have an entire page to express everything that you would like to, one of the reasons why it is important to only work with only the essentials that will give you a unique selling point. Squeezing in any information that is not necessary only makes the card to look cluttered and unprofessional. This is where the reader would rather throw it in the trash can instead of reading to find out what it has to offer. 

Reader does not know where to start 

If you opt to have too much information on the business card, you might lose the readers interest before they see what you have to say. This is because there is too much going on with the card and a person does not really want to invest their precious time looking for the important details they are supposed to work with. If you are operating with such a card be prepared for your phone to stay silent as no one will be calling you to seek the services or products you have to offer. 

You tend to oversell yourself 

You may think that you are doing yourself a favor by including too much information on your card, but this is really hazardous as you will only be overselling yourself something that the readers may find quite suspicious if they take their time to go through everything the card has to say. Keep in mind that the business card is not the ideal place to elevate your pitch as it is only a great platform to entice people. Its main aim is to draw people in and guide them effectively on how they are supposed to learn more about your services or business. 

Can be confusing 

You will not be doing readers any favor by adding too many details that are not even necessary on your business card. This is because instead of passing on the message that will help them get back you, you could end up throwing them into a state of confusion where they do not even know what they are supposed to do. The key is to make sure you keep things simple so that the card can end up doing its job the way it is supposed to in an excellent manner. 

Make sure you do enough research by looking at some of the business cards that are highly rated to know how yours is supposed to look like when you are done with it. To ensure all the important information is included on the card, print on both sides in a professional manner that makes people actually want to hold it and keep it for future reference. Make sure you use high quality paper that helps to add to the cards appeal and most importantly don’t just sit with the cards in the office as they are supposed to be distributed so that they can bring in the desired effect at the end of the day.  



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