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Why Do I Have to Get a Name Card?

23 May

Why Do I Have to Get a Name Card?

Some people assume that name cards are no longer necessary now that people have a variety of digital communication channels they can take advantage of. This assumption is based on the idea that name cards are only used to provide contact details. Name cards are still relevant in the current business environment and you need to have one if you want to get noticed in your industry. 

It is important to note that there are some influential individuals in the business world who still consider name cards an essential part of any transaction. These people will expect you to give them a card after your introductions. Technology has certainly made it easier to communicate but if you want to attain success, you should take advantage of name cards.  

Share Contact Information Effectively

If you are looking for an effective way to share your contact information with people you want to do business with, a name card comes in handy. This is because it is physical and it acts as a constant reminder about the kind of services and products that you can deliver. You can share contact information by email but the recipient does not get to see your email several times. They will only see it the first time you send the email. But it is important to note that name cards only communicate your contact information effectively if they are impressive. You need a name card with a captivating design that a recipient will take time to look at. When you design a name card, your main objective should be to find a way to make the recipient spend as much time looking at it. This is the only way for them to absorb the information on the card. 

A recipient is more likely to refer to a name card they received at a formal or casual meeting instead of going through hundreds of emails. Getting a name card could also work to your advantage if some people think that they are no longer useful. This is because a recipient is more likely to have fewer cards, allowing your name card to get more exposure and attention. 

Market Yourself

A name card is one of the best ways for an individual or business to market themselves. It differs from other forms of marketing because it allows you to interact with the recipients directly. A name card can include more than your name and contact details. You may add a list of the products and services that you offer and even include pictures. You may offer the card on your initial meeting with a contact after you have shared some details about yourself and your business. One of the best things about using a name card for marketing is that it is directed at specific individuals. This means that your marketing efforts will be directed at people who are already interested in the products and services you provide. 

It is less expensive compared to marketing your business on print media, television or radio. You will only print the number of cards that you need within a specified period, making the use name cards a cost effective marketing approach. 

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Name cards make it easy for you to network. It is impossible to succeed in the business world without establishing the right networks. When you attend events and meetings, you identify people who can play an important role in promoting your business through your interactions. These are the people you should offer your cards to. You need to identify individuals who you can partner with or sell services and products to. Name cards simplify the process because they inform people about your skills and what you have to offer. 

Call to Action

When you offer a name cards, you are simply telling the recipient that you would like them to get in touch with you after your initial encounter. This means that the recipients will not hesitate to make any inquiries if they need your assistance. When this happens, you are able to form business relationships that are necessary if you want to make sales.


A name card allows you to network, share information, and market yourself. It also acts as a call to action, making it easy for recipients to get in touch. 


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