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What are the Types of Paper Normally Used to Make a Name Card?

    24 May

    What are the Types of Paper Normally Used to Make a Name Card?

    Photo of Paper types

    If you are looking for quality paper to make your name cards, there are various options that you can choose from. The type of paper that you select will largely be determined by your preferences and budget. It is advisable to review each of the paper options available and the advantages it offers before you settle on one. 

    Name cards come in a variety of coating and each one has unique qualities. You can purchase the paper in an office supply store, art and craft stores or online. The paper options include:

    Glossy Paper

    This kind of paper is a great choice if you want the colors you use to be bold and striking. The surface of this paper is shinny and smooth. One of the drawbacks of using gloss paper is that it tends to get damage when exposed to humidity. The paper can also stick to itself. But if you intend to include some artwork or images on your name card, this is the best option. 

    You can use gloss paper for folded name cards to allow you to include impressive art at the front and ensure that the vital details are clearly visible at the back. It costs more compared to other name card papers. This paper works well if you use inkjet printers. 

    Textured Paper

    This paper is a good choice if you want to create a unique name card. Textured paper gives your name cards a one-of-a-kind feel. It is also designed to withstand humidity and you do not have to worry about stickiness with this paper. There are several textures to select from. You can get a patterned texture, rough or smooth paper. The paper tends to be heavier and this means that it can resist wrinkling and bending. It will cost you more to use textured paper compared to standard and glossy papers. Your potential customers will like the feel of your card when you use textured paper. Use inkjet printers to create name cards using textured paper to ensure all the text and images are visible. 

    The paper is available in different colors and this allows you to come up with something unique to create a positive impression. However, it is important to note that colored paper costs more compared to white paper. 

    Matte Paper

    This kind of paper has a dull look especially when you compare it to the glossy paper. Matte paper is a traditional choice for making name cards. It does not offer any special qualities but it is a good option if you are working with a limited budget. It is reasonably priced when compared to glossy and textured paper. It also offers reasonable resistance to humidity. You can use laser printers if you select this paper to make your name cards. 

    Precut and Cut Yourself Paper

    Another paper option to consider is precut and cut yourself. The precut paper makes it easy for you to create name cards because you do not have to worry about cutting. If you choose this option you can either get paper that comes with a rough edge that you can cut off. You can also get paper that is attached to sheets of paper that have adhesive, allowing you to peel it off to remain with smooth edges. This option will cost you more compared to the paper that has rough edges. It is advisable to visit online stores for this paper because most physical stores do not stock it. 

    It is important to choose quality business paper if you want to create impressive cards. You need to think about the paper thickness, density, and quality of finish used on the card. One of the most common mistakes that people make is focusing on the paper thickness. You may get a thick paper that is poor quality. The paper you use has to offer a good printing surface. If you choose poor quality paper, the feel will not be impressive and it can have a negative effect on your image. 

    The type of paper that you use to create your name cards will determine their quality. It is easy to tell that a card is poor quality by just looking at the kind of paper used. You want to make your potential customers feel appreciated and this is only possible if you use the best paper. 



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