What are the Details Needed to Include in a Name Card?

23 May

What are the Details Needed to Include in a Name Card?

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Name cards are considered one of the simplest networking tools in the business environment. But most people find it difficult to come up with a card that only contains the essential details their prospective partners, clients, and investors need to know. Some people include a lot of unnecessary information, making their name cards look cluttered and unprofessional. It is vital to know the key components that you should include in your name card to allow you to stand out from your competitors. Here are some of the details to include:


This is one of the most important elements to incorporate in your name card. You need to have your full names in bold font on the card. People tend to throw away cards that lack names. Your name acts as a statement about who the name card represents. You can choose to include your individual name or company name depending on the objectives that you want to attain. It would be difficult for someone to contact you if they have no idea about who they should refer to. Any other information that you provide on your name card will be ineffective if there is no name included.


An effective name card includes a title. Use your title on the card to give the recipients an idea about what you do. The title can be based on your role in the business or any unique skills and knowledge that you possess. It can also be a description of the kind of services your business provides. Without a title, the recipient is more likely to throw it away or forget about the card. You have to mention what you do on the card because a recipient wants to know exactly what they should expect from you. 

Contact Details

Once you have included your name or company name and title, you need to add your contact information on the card. The people you give out your card to need a way to contact you and this is only possible if you provide contact details. The kind of details that you include on the card will depend on the situation. 

You should show recipients that they can easily contact you through both traditional and modern contact methods. Include your telephone number, social media pages, email address, and websites. Avoid overwhelming the recipients by giving them too many options but you should also ensure that you can be reached in more than one way. When it comes to contact details, it is advisable to emphasize the specific way that you would prefer the prospective clients to get in touch with you. You can do this by highlighting your email address, telephone number or any other method you include. Make your preference stand out. 

Physical Address

It is also important to inform your prospective clients about your specific location on your name card. People tend to be more willing to do business when they know where you are based. 

Quick Response Code

Smartphones have become a common feature and this is why you need to include a quick response code on your card. This is particularly important if you have included some images on your card. The code will direct recipients to specific pages on your website. You can also take advantage of the codes to direct them to an event or special offer.


If you are using your name card to highlight your talents, it is importation to include accreditations. The recipients will want to know the specific business groups that you are associated with. The accreditations will give you credibility and make the recipients more open to the services that you provide because they associate you with a well-known group in your industry. 

Company Logo

If you want the recipients to associate you with a certain business, it is important to incorporate a company logo. This makes it easier for them to identify your brand and instill some confidence in them because it demonstrates that you represent an established company. It is important to make sure your logo is visible and there is no other element on the card that is blocking it. This means that you should not have any watermarks or images behind the logo. You want the logo to stand out and capture the recipient’s attention immediately.


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