How to use shiny ink in rubber stamps?

17 May

How to use shiny ink in rubber stamps?

Stamping a shiny imprint on the document not only makes the document more authentic but also maintains the clear quality of the stamp for a longer period- sometimes for years. The use of excessive effort to get a shiny image while stamping means inadequate ink on the device. Documents with light stamp imprints, if left in a bad state, can sometimes rub off the image completely, and it’s vital for one to have the right information on ensuring they stamp clear shiny imprints all the time. The office staff and professionals know the importance of having a glossy stamp imprint in the application of self-inking stamps in Singapore.

The usage of the self-inking stamp is quite popular today, and they can be personalized and custom made to fit your desired requirements. Self-inking stamps in Singapore can have a signature or even the organization logo and because of this versatile nature, it’s applied in almost any industry. There are various tips that one should have to ensure that on every document that is imprinted, the image is clear and shiny.

Firstly, there is an in-built ink pad in self inking rubber stamps. The ink used in self-inking stamps is usually water-based and when left unused for a longer period, they dry out slowly sometimes even in dry heat when it’s winter. When it dries out, one can either refill the ink pad or get a new ink pad. When one use the self-inking rubber stamp, and it produces a poor imprint, that implies that the ink pad is not enough and requires a refill. However, when one is in such a situation, by dabbing the stamp on a good ink pad and stamp on the paper, the stamp image can be clearer.

Sometimes the stamp imprint can have missing spots. When this is observed, the most likely scenario is that the ink pad was fixed in an opposite manner and that mostly happens during the refilling or replacing. It is crucial to ensure that the ink pad is placed in the right manner. Sometimes the imprint’s content do not line up, and one should take out the ink pad and turn it 180⁰ and then put it back and stamp it on the paper and get the expected shiny imprint.

Sometimes the stamp imprint can fail to dry up normally; such a scenario can occur when trying to stamp on glossy paper. That is because the water-based ink will make it impossible to be absorbed on such a paper. However, that has a solution as well, all that is necessary is to get a special ink that dries quickly and easily and make it start with a dry ink pad. One should always be careful not to put this special ink on a regular pad. That is because when mixed with the regular ink, both becomes useless and unusable. The special ink is made up of an alcohol substance that makes it thinner than the water-based ink. That is what makes it possible for the ink to dry up because the alcoholic substance evaporates and leaves behind the colored imprints.

When the above clear guidelines are keenly followed, the shiny imprints will always be available when using a self-inking rubber stamp. Professionals and skilled personnel using the self-inking stamps in Singapore usually apply the above technique to get quality shiny stamps.



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