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Things to Know About a Clear Stamp

10 May

Things to Know About a Clear Stamp

Clear stamps are also recognized by various other names including clear rubber stamps, polymer stamps, photo-polymer stamps and similar other names. Stamps of all of these kinds can be categorized under the head of clear stamps. These clear stamps can be repeatedly used like a traditional stamp after attaching it to a block. These rubber stamps can be obtained from an online or a nearby stamping and crafting store.

Main features of a clear stamp

This rubber stamp appears to be transparent when bought new. The cheap quality of these stamps compel you to stick them on a block to use them repeatedly like traditional stamps You can buy these stamps individually or in group of several stamps on a sheet They should be stored in a CD case like container or protective wallet on a backing sheet

Clear stamp using method

After attaching the clear stamp on a smooth block, before using it, you can easily use it for stamping repeatedly. The acrylic blocks specially made for ideally supporting the clear stamps can be obtained from market as these clear blocks are available in different sizes and shapes. In order to use this rubber stamp normally you will have to remove it from backing sheet to attach it to a suitable block and dab it into the ink to stamp any surface. You can use these stamps in wide range of designs by arranging them in combination with other stamps on blocks of suitable size and shape.

Storage instructions for clear stamp

The stamping surface of this rubber stamp can be preserved for printing quality impressions for long time if it is stored properly in a suitable environment. Normally they are available attached to a backing when you purchase them new. You have to attach them to suitable blocks for stamping purpose and after their use they are normally reattached to the backing sheets to store them safely. CD cases and plastic wallets are also used by many users of clear stamps to store them protectively for long time. some of the manufacturers of these stamps also provide protective CD cases along with new stamps to make it easy for the users to keep them safe till their next use.

Pros and cons of clear stamp

Clear stamp has a number of advantages like:

It is normally cheaper than traditional stamp used for this purpose. Instead of preparing and mounting this stamp like traditional stamps just attaching it to an acrylic block makes it easy for its users to use it Sleek size and light weight of this rubber stamp than traditional stamp reduces the cost of its delivery.It can be easily stored in a small space due to their sleek size. It can be used to stamp any surface accurately due to the transparent surface of the stamp and its block

Like several other useful things clear rubber stamp also has some disadvantages like:

The adhesiveness of the rubber stamp reduces after using it several times due to dust and dirt as well as washing it with water repeatedly after ever use. They are softer than traditional stamps so their image can also be a bit inferior in quality. These stamps can tear out while removing them from backing sheet repeatedly due to their soft structure. The blocks used for using these stamps can increase the cost of using them. Their soft built also makes their cleaning and use tricky.

Tips to use clear stamps properly

You can get better results from your clear rubber stamp if you use it on mouse mat like generous surface. You should keep it away from dust and dirt as they can damage its sticking capacity. You should clean the stamp properly before storing them in a container after every use. You should clean and store the stamp as per the instructions provided by its manufacturer. You should cleaning your stamps in a bowl and drain the water into a drainer to protect it from slipping into drain.You should buy a large acrylic block before starting to use clear stamps to make it economic for you as you can use it for a number of stamps

Thus the information provided above will help you in knowing precisely about clear rubber stamp.



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