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How to seal Legal documents with common seals?

22 May

How to seal Legal documents with common seals?

Common Seal Sticker Document

When it comes to legal documents, there are a few things that distinguish them from other types of documents. One such thing is the common seal. The mark of the common seal is a legal mark that is used to signify that the document that it has been affixed upon is a valid legal and formal document, as well as a binding corporate act. Common seals have been in use for a couple of centuries now. In ancient civilizations, the seal was made from a specific type of wax, and then a ring belonging to a leader or someone in a position of power would be used to make an impression on that wax. The document upon which the impression was made was legally binding.

With the technological advancements that have occurred over the years, people have moved from using wax to using a type of stamp that embosses the company information on documents. The company seals usually carried more significance and weight than a signature from a representative from the company. Common seals have however reduced in their use in the recent years. Despite the reduction in the number of people who are using them, the company seal is still a legal requirement in various jurisdictions across the globe. Companies that are involved in the international exchange of goods and services are advised to have a common seal for their business. This is because the seal has an advantage over other types of signatures and marks in that it provides certain validity to the document in question.

Using an embosser is also very easy. To unlock the embosser, one just needs to squeeze it between their hands and to shift the lock to a down position. And then to change the seal, one just needs to press the bottom and upper plate together then remove the seal that was already there and follow the same process to place in a new one. And then to emboss the seal on any document, one just places the document to the right point where they want the imprint made, and just squeeze the embosser.

A common seal is easy to make. Especially here in Singapore, one can get a corporate seal done for them within three days. The period can even be reduced depending on the design, and the urgency demanded from the client.

All that one need to do is provide the common seal maker with a design of their desired corporate seal. Common seal makers in Singapore usually advise the clients to use the company’s software to design the seals. Once the company has their company seal, the seal can be used in the following ways:

-It can be used to act as a representation of approval on behalf of the corporation. This is to show that the document has been acknowledged, collectively agreed on and valid to the corporation.

-For authentication purposes. To ensure that there are no forged or tampered copies, legal documents can be imprinted with the common seal to show that they are the official copy.



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