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Why are scrapbooking stamps increasing in popularity?

16 May

Why are scrapbooking stamps increasing in popularity?

Stamps are a great alternative to scrapbooking stickers, which can only be used once. If you’ve purchased scrapbooking stickers, you may have brought an expensive packet of stickers, only to find that there are only a few stickers that you’re interested in using. Comparatively, stamps offer great value as they can be used in a variety of different ways and can be used countless times. If you have friends who are also keen scrapbooking enthusiasts, a great way to gain access to a large collection of stamps is to swap and trade your stamps.

Creative ways to use scrapbooking stamps:

1. Use scrapbooking stamps to create borders

A simple way to create borders for your scrapbook’s pages is to use stamps to create professional looking borders. If you’re interested in experimenting with stamp borders you can use a purpose designed border stamp such a frame style stamp or you can use a regular stamp such as a stamp with a flower image and repeatedly stamp each image until then connect and form a border. If you’re feeling creative you can also experiment with using multiple stamps to create a border. As an example, you could alternate stamping a vine and then a flower, to create a simple garden themed border. Alternatively, you can also use stamps to decorate the corners of your pages.

2. Experiment with different color ink

Contrary to popular belief, when using scrapbooking stamps you’re not limited to stamping your images in once color, such as blue or black. Instead, try purchasing a variety of different color ink pads and using a small piece of sponge to apply ink from each color ink pad, to different parts of the stamp you wish to use. As an example, you could use multiple ink pads, in different colors to stamp an image of a brightly colored rainbow. Best of all, once you’ve finished experimenting with multi-colored images, simply wash your rubber stamp so that you can reuse it again.

3. Use stamps to create text or headings for your pages

Do you struggle to create eye catching headings or text for the pages of your scrapbooks? While you could use a stencil set to create headings, it’s far easier to use scrapbooking stamps. If your next scrapbook project is a themed project, such as a vacation themed scrapbook or a wedding themed scrapbook you’ll be able to pick up a pack of themed stamps. As an example, vacation themed stamps may be printed with words such as “summer” and slogans such as “fun in the sun”. While wedding themed stamps may be printed with phrases such as “here comes the bride” and “I do”. Alternatively, you can also purchase stamps printed with individual letters, which will allow you to come up with your own headings and phrases.

4. Use stamps to create your own DIY scrapbooking paper

If you’re fond of layering and enjoy creating fun backgrounds for your photographs, you can stretch your scrapbooking budget further by creating your own scrapbooking paper. Instead of purchasing expensive scrapbooking paper, simply use a colored cardboard and a variety of stamps to create your own DIY scrapbooking paper. This technique, can also be used to create your own home made wrapping paper.

5. Use stamps to create your own home made cards

Scrapbooking stamps can also be used in a variety of non scrapbooking related craft projects. As an example, you can use scrapbooking techniques and stamps to create birthday and Christmas cards for your family and friends. If you’re interested in creating home made cards, you’ll be able to find a variety of Christmas and birthday related stamps. As an example, popular Christmas themed stamps include Santa Claus and Christmas tree stamps.

So, what are you waiting for? First things first, decide on the theme of your next scrapbooking project and then pick out a selection of scrapbooking stamps which fit the theme you’ve chosen. Remember, you’re only limited by your imagination! If you need a little inspiration, experiment with using stamps to create fun borders and backgrounds.



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