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Reusing old rubber stamps in 5 steps

23 May

Reusing old rubber stamps in 5 steps

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Rubber stamps are cost effective and long lasting products that just about everyone can use. No matter the purpose, be it for business or hobbies and crafting, rubber stamps are one of the best time saving solutions that have been created. However, while rubber stamps generally do have a longer shelf life, there may be times where you find yourself no longer requiring them as much. Maybe you want more space for new stamp storage, maybe you aren’t using them anymore or for other reasons but wait a few moments longer. There are actually 5 ways you can reuse these old rubber stamps:

1. Practise

If you have old rubber stamps, you don’t have to throw them away just yet. Think about your plans for designs and new techniques you have been wanting to try. If you have old rubber stamps you no longer need, this is the perfect opportunity to use these when practising new techniques so you wouldn’t have to worry about ruining your best rubber stamps. For example, using rubber stamps with wax and other types of mediums. This is a good way to gauge if certain techniques will go well with your stamps before using them for your crafts.

2. Conditioning

Rubber stamps can lose some of their crispness when it comes to stamped images, especially after years of use. But you don’t have to throw them away just yet. There are methods that one can undertake to condition old rubber stamps so that they can regain some of their quality. You don’t necessarily have to spend too much in order to condition your steps, and the process is simple so you can choose to do so yourself too. Take some time to maintain and recondition your rubber stamps and they should be good as new!

3. Alternative Storage

If you are using rubber stamps that can be unmounted, like cling stamps and the like, it’s easier for you to store them in alternate places. You can choose to unmount the rubber stamp portion and stack them together, or make use of binders with sleeves to slot them in, or even CD cases! Rubber stamps can virtually be stored everywhere as long as users take care not to expose them under direct sunlight or dust. Keep them and label them using a system that works for you so in the event that you find yourself in need of variety, you can still access and use them again.

4. Work Organisation

Reuse your old rubber stamps by designating them for other purposes. Deal with a large amount of customer invoices? Want to keep track of the discount and sales type for different customers with ease? Use these rubber stamps to communicate what type of prices you are offering amongst your colleagues without revealing the full details to customers with stamped images!

5. Events

If your corporation regularly schedule events, celebrations or other related activities and have to deal with large amounts of attendance, your old rubber stamps can actually be used to keep track of your guests. For example, by combining them with safe inks, you can understand who your guests are and distinguish them from others. You can also engage children in activities with body paint or UV sensitive paint and the like.



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