How to Design Name Cards?

23 May

How to Design Name Cards?

A name card can only stand out if it is well designed. Good designs help you to make a lasting and good impression on the people who receive your cards. It is important to come up with a design that looks amazing to allow you to distinguish yourself from the other individuals and companies in your niche. Your objective should be to come up with a tactile card that feels pleasant to the touch. Creating an effective name cards will allow you to elevate both yourself and the business higher than your competitors. 

Design Principles

The first step towards designing a name card understands design principles. A name card is similar to other printed materials and for this reason, there are certain principles that you need to keep in mind during the design process. You need to ensure that all your vital copy is placed a minimum of 5mm away from the edge. It is also essential to keep your typography at an appropriate size to enhance visibility. 

Card Size

There are a few standard sizes that you can work with when designing name cards. One of the most popular options is 90 x 55 mm. You can choose to come up with a smaller or bigger card depending on what you intend to achieve. The space available on a name card is limited and this means that you have to use your creativity to ensure all the vital information fits properly. Think about the essential details that you want to include and work the design around them. Come up with creative ways to present these details. 


One of the best ways to make your name card impressive is by using special finishes. There are various finishes that you can take advantage of during the design process such as metallic inks, spot-UV, and foil blocking. It is important to note that you will spend more money on these finishes. But the expense is often worth it because the finishes make it possible for you to impress the recipients. The kind of printer that you use can determine the types of special finishes that you get. A standard printer may only offer four-color prints. 


If you want to make unique name cards, you should use the die-cut process. This process eliminates elements from your card paper, leaving an empty space. Die-cuts come in handy when you want to alter the shape of your card. This process can help you to round the corners on your cards. Most printers provide laser-cut options to make it easy for you to use the die-cut process for a small number of cards. Take advantage of die-cutting to come up with the most creative features on your card. 


Another important factor to keep in mind when designing a name card is the kind of material that you use. Most people use paper to make name cards because it is cost effective. But if you are looking for something more creative, there are several materials that you can use such as slate, wood, metals, and plastics. When choosing a material for your cards, you need to make sure it is easy to carry and stored. 

Practical Design

An average name card includes an individual’s name and contact details. If you want your card to have a greater impact, it is advisable to apply a practical design. Come up with a design that will allow the recipients to use your cards in their day-to-day activities. A functional design works to your advantage because it creates several opportunities for the recipients to see the information you included on the card. 

An effective name card is supposed to convey your company’s general image. This is not always easy because you have limited space to work with. But it is possible to put your message across in the limited space. You can design the card to demonstrate a professional image that recipients will remember long after you meet them. The paper texture, color, and the words you use on the card will determine its appeal and capacity to communicate your company’s image. 


To design an effective name card, you need to think about the message that you want to communicate. Choose the right cut, materials, finishes, and card size to convey your message clearly.

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