Why is Entrepreneur Pass Singapore / EntrePass (EP) important for foreign businesses?

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Applying for an Entrepreneur Pass Singapore – or EntrePass is a mandatory first step for foreign businessmen/women to get their companies started in Singapore.

You will need to come up with a detailed business proposal for the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) to review and accept before you can be issued an EntrePass.

Entrepreneur Pass Singapore application is jointly-approved by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), as well as the Standards Productivity and Innovation Board (SPRING) Singapore.

How to Apply for an Entrepreneur Pass Singapore / EntrePass?

  1. Download the EntrePass Application Form.
  2. Include the necessary information listed of the above EntrePass Application Form.
  3. Also enclose your business proposal with your projected business goals and activities listed clearly.

Approval of Entrepreneur Pass / EntrePass Entrepreneur Pass Singapore

Not sure if you are eligible for an Entrepreneur Pass Singapore / EntrePass? Click on this link on the MOM website if you wish to check on the terms and conditions before applying for an EntrePass.

MOM and SPRING Singapore take the applicant’s qualifications and work/business experience into consideration when reviewing Entrepreneur Pass Applications. Hence, not all applications would be approved.

Too much hassle to apply for the EntrePass? Let us at A.1 Business do it for you! Simply send us your application and required documents, and we will do the compilation for you in just 7 days. PLUS: We will also submit your documents to MOM on your behalf so that you can save on the trip there.

Fees Schedule For Application of Entrepreneur Pass Singapore / EntrePass

Initial Processing Fees: S$950 (Non-refundable Processing Fees)
Extra Dataflow verification charges of $305/per qualification will apply to Diploma or Degree qualification from China
Approval Fees: S$2900 (Approval Fees exclude Pte Ltd Setup, MOM Security Deposit of S$3,000, or MOM-related Fees)

MOM License: 06C3628

Processing time for A1 Business: 7 working days
Processing time for application of an EntrePass: 6 – 12 weeks

If the Entrepreneur Pass application is rejected, a free 1-time Entrepreneur Pass appeal would be filed and the processing of the appeal application will take another 4 – 6 weeks.

Existing Entrepreneur Pass Singapore / Entrepass Criteria

With effect of September 2008, Entrepreneur Pass Applicants should ensure they meet the conditions below:

  1. Applicant to hold at least 30% of shares in the company.
  2. Company requires at least S$50,000 paid-up-capital. A bank statement, from the Singapore-based company bank account, of at least $50,000 is needed for verification.
  3. Company must not be registered for more than 6 months from date of company incorporation at the point of application.
  4. 10-page business plan detailing business goals and objectives. Renewal of EntrePass is contingent on achieving goals and objectives outlined in the business plan
  5. The business must not be illegal.
    Examples of businesses that will not be considered for the EntrePass include:
  • Coffee shops, hawker centres, food courts
  • Bars, night clubs, karaoke lounges
  • Foot reflexology, massage parlours
  • Acupuncture, traditional chinese medicine, herbal dispensing
  • Employment agencies, geomancy

New Criteria of Entrepreneur Pass Singapore

With effect from 1st September 2013, the new application / renewal criteria will eventually mean smaller-scale companies will no longer qualify under the scheme.

In addition to the current Entrepreneur Pass Singapore application criteria listed above,
new applicants have to provide evidence that shows their business meeting at least 1 of
requirements below:
  • Receives funding from a recognised third-party venture capitalist or business angel;
  • Holds a proprietary or licensed Intellectual Property (IP) recognised by an approved national IP institution;
  • Has research collaboration with a research institution recognised by Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) or any local tertiary institution;
  • Is an incubatee at a recognised incubator supported by SPRING Singapore or National Research Foundation (NRF); OR
  • Receives support from a Singapore Government agency.

Successful applicants are also required to submit all these documents:

  • Tenancy contract;
  • Employees’ CPF statement; AND
  • Statement of shareholding structure in registered company and date of incorporation within the first 6 months of receiving their Entrepreneur Pass to demonstrate proof of their operations according to the business plans submitted.

Failure to meet these requirements will result in revocation of the Entrepreneur Pass Singapore. This will be clearly communicated during the application process.

To ensure that the contributions of the Entrepreneur Pass Singapore holders are consistent with the number of years of business operation in Singapore, MOM will introduce a progressive renewal criteria framework which all Entrepreneur Pass Singapore holders have to meet.

These changes will apply to all new and existing EntrePass holders with effect from 1 September 2013. Each newly issued and renewed EntrePass will be valid for a period of up to one year.

See existing Entrepass renewal before 1 September 2013: MOM Entrepass Renewal Page

Click here to read up: New Entrepreneur Pass Criteria

Added Benefits when you apply for an Entrepreneur Pass Singapore / EntrePass

Entrepreneur Pass Singapore has a minimum validity of up to 1 year. After which, it can be renewed as long as the company is still in operation.

PLUS: With the Entrepreneur Pass Singapore, foreign entrepreneurs are also allowed to bring their immediate family into stay with them in Singapore during the course of their business. Legitimate children have to be aged 21 years and below to be eligible for the above rule.

Passes for Family Members

i. Dependant Pass (DP)

EntrePass applicants may apply for the Dependant Pass (DP) and/or Long Term Visit Pass (LTVP) for their family members after their EntrePass is approved.

Both P and Q1 Pass holders can apply for a Dependant Pass for their:

  • Spouse
  • Unmarried or legally adopted children under 21 years of age

ii. Long term Social Visit Pass (LTVP)

P Pass holders can also apply for a Long Term Visit Pass for their:

  • Common-law Spouse
  • Unmarried daughters above 21 years old
  • Handicapped children above 21 years old
  • Step-children under 21 years old
  • Parents and parents-in-law

Renewal of Entrepreneur Pass / EntrePass

Do you wish to renew your EntrePass? Firstly, you would need to show proof that your business venture has met with the terms set by the MOM within a 1-year period. Next, you need to meet the conditions of engaging a minimum number of Singaporean staff. Finally, you need to ensure that your Total Business Spending (TBS) meets the following criteria shown in the table below:

Eligibility for Renewal of Entrepreneur Pass / EntrePass
Pass TypeCriteria for RenewalNumber of Years Approved

  • Company to employ at least 8 local employees;
  • Company to demonstrate TBS** of S$300,000 over the past 12 months.

  • Two years if Net Asset Value is positive
  • One year if Net Asset Value is negative

  • Company to employ at least 4 local employees;
  • Company to demonstrate TBS** of S$150,000 over the past 12 months.

  • Two years if Net Asset Value is positive
  • One year if Net Asset Value is negative

  • Company to employ at least 2 local employees;
  • Company to demonstrate TBS** of S$100,000 over the past 12 months.

    • Approved for one year for 1st renewal only; companies must upgrade to P by second renewal

    * The employees need to possess at least NTC2/NITEC or vocational qualifications obtained after at least two years of full-time studies.

    ** Total Business Spending (TBS) = [Total Operating Expenses – (Royalties/Franchise Fees/Know How Fees to Overseas Companies + Work Subcontracted to Overseas Companies + Remuneration to Applicant & Immediate Family)
    Entrepreneur Pass Singapore

    The employer will receive an Entrepreneur Pass renewal form approximately three months before the pass expires. The renewal form have to be submitted with the following documents at least two months before the expiry date of the pass.

    Yearly Renewal Fees

    Company Secretary: S$360
    Compilation of Financial Report & Corporate Tax Filing: S$450 – $888
    Personal Tax Filing: S$350
    EP Renewal Fees: S$850-$1050
    DP Renewal Fees: S$570

    What is an Employment Pass then?

    Upon approval of the EntrePass, foreigners are issued the Employment Pass Singapore which allows them to stay in Singapore to manage their company.

    Read more about: Employment Pass Singapore

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