DIY: Mounting Unmounted Rubber Stamps Effectively In 5 Steps

diy-mounting-unmounted-rubber-stamps-effectively-in-5-steps 22 Aug

DIY: Mounting Unmounted Rubber Stamps Effectively In 5 Steps

Unmounted rubber stamps are popular amongst members of the public as well as professionals since they come at lowered costs compared to mounted rubber stamps. You can choose to simply buy more unmounted rubber stamps and reuse one single mount, be it cling foam or wood mounts, whenever you need to. This not only saves costs, it is also convenient for storage purposes. To mount your unmounted rubber stamps, here’s what you should do:

1. Materials
In order to mount unmounted rubber stamps, you will need to purchase and get ready certain materials. First, decide if you want your unmounted rubber stamps to be temporarily mounted so you can detach and attach whenever you require, or if you wish to permanently mount it. After which, prepare scissors or crafting knives, rubber stamps, adhesive cushions (if applicable), mount of your choice (wood mount, acrylic mount etc), repositionable glue or cling foam as well as wood spray if required.

2. Mounting foam
Mounting foams are one of the most popular mounting supplies rubber stamp users use to mount their rubber stamps. These foam products are made with one side coated with adhesive so that you can glue it to the back of your rubber stamps, or remove and reposition it whenever you need. Mounting foam can be bought through specialty craft stores in the form of sheets so you may have to personally cut and trim the foam to fit. Some suppliers of rubber stamps also sell their own mounting foam brand so be sure to ask about the cost when purchasing your rubber stamps.

3. Preparation
Before gluing and the actual mounting process, make the necessary measurements and cut the shape of your rubber stamp onto the mounting foam. Make sure to clean up the edges if you notice that there are still access after you have mounted your rubber stamps. If you are using wood mounts, make sure to preserve the condition by making use of your wood spray. Now decide if you want to make a permanent mount for your rubber stamp, or make a temporary one.

4. Permanent Mounting
Trim and glue the rubber portion of your rubber stamp to your adhesive cushion. Once you are done, let it dry and attach properly before trimming your adhesive cushion around your rubber stamp. If you are mounting on a wood mount, spray the wood mount with your wood spray. One or two coats of wood spray should be sufficient so if you need more, then apply gradually. Adhere them to the mount and let dry again. This should ensure that your unmounted rubber stamps are mounted properly.

5. Temporary Mounting

Temporary mounting rubber stamps can be done with either repositionable glue, cling sheets or mounting tape according to whichever option you would like to choose. Take a look carefully- your mounting form or cling foam should have two sides. One side is coated with adhesive that temporarily sticks to blocks and other mounts so you can use, while the other side is used to stick your rubber stamp portions so it doesn’t come off. Make sure to attach the relevant materials to the correct side. To encourage even adhering, roll a brayer style stamp over the sides so as to eliminate air pockets.


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