Creating 3D Finish Effects with Rubber Stamps and Paper

    23 May

    Creating 3D Finish Effects with Rubber Stamps and Paper

    If you are looking for different designs and effects to incorporate into your crafts or professional projects, you can make use of different materials to do so. One of the effects one can experiment and recreate without spending too much would be the 3D finish effect. You can achieve this simply with rubber stamps and the material of your choice. Here is what you should do to begin re-creating the 3D effect with your rubber stamps and paper:

    Before you begin creating a 3D finish effect on your material of choice, you will need to prepare some items. What you should prepare consists of rubber stamps, paper, water, cloth, scissors and additional colouring materials like ink. You can also plan to add on different embellishments as well if it is necessary. Once these items are prepared, you can begin with the relevant steps.

    Collect the paper you require and wet the paper thoroughly so that is will be a lot more pliant and easier to work with. You can achieve this by either sprinkling the paper with water or slightly soaking the material with a plate. Make sure to be gentle when handling the wet material since any rough movements can cause tearing at this stage. Observe the wet paper for any signs of air bubbles and make sure to press them out so that they do not affect the end result.

    Lay your rubber stamps on a flat surface, indent side up, and carefully set your wet paper on top of the stamp. Using your cloth, press your wet paper down on your rubber stamp so that the wet paper will take on the shape of the image. You should be able to see an indentation when you peel your wet paper off gently. Repeat the process with an assortment of different rubber stamps according to your own requirements. Once the indentations have been made on your wet paper, gently remove it and lay it down on a flat surface to dry again.

    When the paper finally dries, you will notice subtle yet crisp indented shapes on your material that are raised and textured to the touch. For an added recommendation, alternate between rubber stamps with bolder and thicker lines, as well as rubber stamps with thinner lines as both can produce vastly different results. If you wish to add colouring, make sure your paper is completely dry before you begin adding colour. You can decide to use ink or chalk powder to give your final artwork shape as well as visual engagement. To neaten up the overall effect, you can trim the material down!

    This is how you can re-create the 3D finishing effects with rubber stamps and paper. With patience and effort, you can experiment and explore with different combinations until you reach the preferred outcome. Feel free to incorporate this when applicable and watch as your design comes alive.


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