How to create rubber stamp designs

17 May

How to create rubber stamp designs

Stamps… stamps… stamps… they are pretty much everywhere. With a bit of interest, you’ll find that stamp designs are a never-ending phenomenon. They come in various designs and sizes from basic stamps with “denied” or “approved,” engraved in them, to artistic kinds featuring holiday icons, butterflies and even forest backdrops. To top it off, there’s something for everyone. It doesn’t matter what your agenda is; be it fun or business, stamps are the way to go.

Different stamps have varying appeals, but the bottom remains that they are ageless. There is a very low learning curve when it comes to stamps and given that it doesn’t necessitate you to have any drawing skills; you can easily make your own creations. They can easily be applied to various surfaces including but not limited to wood, ceramics, paper, candles, fabric, clay and stone. Simply put, this is instant satisfaction. Instant fun.

There are many company stamps makers in Singapore that are ever ready to reward you with great company stamp designs upon request. Fast and efficient, Company Stamp Singapore is an online stamps retailer that has earned its reputation by doing what it does best – creating great stamp designs for its clientele base. Their online portfolio is filled with a lot of different brands, designs and a sea of information on anything stamps. Whether you’re new to the world of stamps or you’re just looking for some more information on the topic, here is an insight on the hot topic of how to create designs in rubber stamps:

Different stamp designs can be developed in either of the following ways: embossing, inking in multi-color, inking onto wet paper, selective inking and inking with bleach. Well, while there are numerous ways of developing different looks in stamps, it’s really useful to first familiarize yourself with the methods used in stamping. It’s all a matter of understanding the product use.

Confirm the Substrate to be used

First things first, confirm the substrate that your stamp will be made out of. It could be made of vulcanized rubber or polymer. It could even be mounted on wood. While vulcanized rubber is most preferred due to its ability to get detailed images, polymers can be found more easily given their easy registration and store ability.

Get your Specs and Size Right

It doesn’t matter whether your designs are software generated or hand drawn; the most important thing is that you get your specs right. In the world of stamps, size is a big deal. Normally, stamps don’t get bigger than 5 inches in any dimension. This is due to the fact that it gets harder to get ink evenly in equal amounts of pressure on the stamp with increased size. However, it is not entirely impossible; a bigger design can be realized by creating a repeat of your original.

Designing for Uniformity

For wood mounted stamps, ink is always applied to the surface with even pressure so as to get best results. For hand-drawn design scans, remember to make the drawing two times bigger. This is because when you crop it up in the computer; all those unwanted ugly bumps in the original go away leaving you with a brilliantly smooth design.

Work with Interactive stamps

It is always fun to create stamp designs that complement each other such as creating a negative and positive image that are parallel with the line work and a solid fill color. You could also go with a circle within a circle.


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