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Category: Common Seal

    What is the most efficient way to make common seals?

    A common seal is used by companies in common law jurisdiction. The common seal is also known as a company seal that is used by companies to undertake their official transactions. Every common seal maker in Singapore makes sure that they make an authentic seal to enhance the legitimacy of their corporate clients. Moreover, seals are used for further security since they protect all their documents against forgery.

    The affixing of a seal on any document signifies that the host company recognizes and endorses the entire act and deed. When the directors sign on the documents without the seals, it shows that they acted as agents on behalf of the company. Under the ordinary law of agency, having the directors sign documents only without a company seal has restrictions and limitations. However, the seal signifies that the entire company management is in agreement with the contract and all information entailed in the document.

    There has been an increase in the number of companies in Singapore. This increase has resulted in every common seal maker in Singapore trying to make top quality seals at affordable prices. Common seals have many uses in corporations currently:

    They are used on documents that have requirements to be executed as deeds. These deeds are executed under the company’s common seal as opposed to simple contracts that can be considered legitimate and authentic with the use of the managers’ signatures.

    Some of the important corporate documents like share certificates are mostly issued with the use of the common seal.

    In the past, seals were made using wax. The melted wax was used to make an impression on the relevant documents endorsing them as official transactions of the company. Now, the modern seals are indentations or impressions on the paper that serve the same purpose as those traditional seals. In some cases, a red wafer is used in the modern seals to imitate the traditional red wax seals that were popular in the early 20th century. Additionally, the red wafer is used to make sure that the common seal appears with clarity on the photocopies of the original document.

    Each common seal maker in Singapore makes top quality seals to create a clear and visible embossed impression on company documents. The seal was originally used to legalize certain important company documents and deeds. In the current day, seals are used as identification and for branding purposes.

    The primary components that a common seal maker in Singapore incorporates in the seal are:

    • The client’s company name
    • The state and year of incorporation
    • Other additional information specifically requested by the client for customization purposes.

    There are many ways of making a common seal. Nonetheless, below is an outline of the most efficient way to make the seals.

    First, a drawing of the desired seal design is made on a piece of paper. This seal is supposed to be approximately 2 inches in diameter. A majority of the seals are circular. Nonetheless, some shapes like square and hexagonal are also acceptable.

    Draw a second shape similar to the first one made inside the seal. This shape is made about a fourth of an inch from the edge of the first outline. Space in between is reserved for lettering.

    The company logo is then placed with precision in the center of the seal outline. The name of the company is written at the top of the seal. This name should be written uniformed centrally neatly above the company logo.

    At the bottom of the seal below the logo, the location of the company and year of incorporation should be written neatly there below on the seal design. After creating the design, one should take it to a common seal maker in Singapore. The design can be taken to an engraver for the embossing tool to be made from the design.

    That is the undisputed most efficient way to make common seals in Singapore.

    6 Types of Embossing Press

    Embossing is simply the formation of an impression of some form of decoration, lettering, pattern or design on another surface such as cloth, paper, leather or metal. Embossing involves creating an impression by incorporating dyes and the stock under very high pressure. In embossing, the plates are pressed against the surface, which raises the surfaces and adds a new dimension to the object.

    Embossing is a demonstrative tool used by firms to draw the customers to particular products. It involves applying texture to a substrate by lifting its surface at various angles. It could also include amalgamating a foil substrate onto a different one so as to come up with a foil stamp look. This look is most popular on wine and food labels that have earned standing in their market.

    The technique of embossing is fairly inexpensive and is usually used for both artistic and functional purposes in various industries. It is one great technique that can be employed in a variety of ways, from embossing Braille books to engraving names on credit cards, to mention just but a few.

    Apart from brilliantly making an image stand out, embossing is a technique that adds attractiveness and elegance to any surface or paper. It is also important to note that using different kinds of paper will have varying kinds of embossed effects. There are many different kinds of embossing that can be done to achieve different results. Here are 6 types of embossing press:

    Registered Emboss:

    In this type of embossing, the embossed image exactly registers to a foil stamped or printed image. The foil stamped image area is usually embossed so as to give it a raised look.

    Multi-Level Emboss:

    The embossed image area is raised to multiple levels with varying depths and in so doing, gives the image more texture and relief which gives it an interesting look.

    Blind Emboss:

    It is also known as same-colouring embossing or self-emboss. In this type of embossing, the effect is not stamped over a printed foil or image. The colour of the image is usually similar to the colour of the surface.

    Sculptured Emboss:

    This refers to a hand-tooled process. It is usually used in a drawing or photograph to create different levels of depth so as to make the image appear multi-dimensional and realistic.

    Tint Emboss:

    This is an entirely new design where pastel foil or pearl foils is used for embossing. While the methodology is the same as the other types of embossing, the technique is very much in demand as it is trendy. Given that pastel and pearl foils are transparent, for tint embossing, it is best to use white stock.

    Printed Emboss:

    The embossed area embodies the printed image. The bevel can go outside of the printed image or remain inside; it all depends on the client’s specifications and personal requirements.

    If you want to make your products to stand out in a sea of flat, lifeless brands, get your products artistically embossed, and not just by any common seal maker in Singapore, but by a professional who knows what they are really doing.

    The texture of the label when combined with an aesthetically engaging ink job works wonders in engaging the senses; which creates a more innate craving within the customer. However, attraction isn’t the only reason that brand manufacturers emboss their products.

    Embossing works more like a smoothing press; for it augments the surface of the paper, fills up microscopic crevices and gaps within the paper that would otherwise avert ink and cause bleeding. The outcome being a perfectly printed label.

    Common Seals: How They Are Made And Used

    Before understanding how seals are used, you will need to understand what they are exactly, and how they became prominent. Traditionally, seals were imprinted on parchment with wax. Unique impressions were fixed onto the wax. These waxes not only stated the purpose of these certificates but also helped adhere two pieces of paper together. A company will also use different dyes that were pressed together.

    Common seals were used for important documents and pieces of information that needed urgent attention from community leaders. In modern times, seals are imprinted right onto the paper, with the seal placed on paper with a stamping process.

    Are Seals For Certificates Necessary?

    In many jurisdictions, seals are not only common but required for it to be properly processed. Local companies that want to reach out to a broader audience and partner with international bodies will typically require that sensitive information be sent with proper seals. These seals note that the information in the package or letter is verified and certified by the sender, removing the guesswork of proving the authenticity of incoming mail.

    In many cases, lawyers and people who represent the law, will not take letters seriously if they have not been anointed with a common seal. For example, in the United Kingdom, a company seal can act as a signature. When sending sensitive information via mail, many different documents will require signatures from the involved parties. However, gathering signatures from various people, who may or may not work in the same vicinity, is a time-consuming process. If sending an authorized letter to an identity in the United Kingdom, then a common seal acts as a signature. In locations that a seal does not represent a signature, a seal will recognize the validity of the letter.

    Common Seals In Singapore

    A common seal can be purchased to order, creating unique imprints. Creating an imprint is a collaborative effort, with the customer and company working together to create the proper artwork. After items are finalized, the blueprint is sent. Then lasers engrave a stamping plate, ensuring alignment before it is sent to the customer. If you need expedited service or quick delivery, then there are seal makers that will rush your order, making sure that it gets to you in a timely fashion.

    You can also consider rubber stampings if appropriate. These tend to be more affordable and quickly made, with rubber stamps completed in less than 20 minutes. In Singapore, a common seal is typically used to share certificates and sensitive information, like legal papers. Rubber stamps are a bit more versatile, with many companies using them for everyday business operations.

    How to use common seals for Certificates

    A corporate seal, at times known as the common seal or company seal, is an authorized seal used by a business. Conventionally, seals were embossed on parchment with wax. Exceptional impressions were glued on the wax. Not only did these waxes state the idea of these certificates but also aided to stick two pieces of paper as one. A business will also apply different dyes that were hard-pressed together.

    If you are a common seal maker in Singapore, be it a limited company or private limited company, chances are that you require to have a corporate seal for the company’s official use to issue share certificates to its investors plus for title deeds. A common seal is also identified as pocket seal or corporate seal in Singapore and is used mainly in ordinary law jurisdictions.

    Common seals were used for significant pieces of paper or documents that required critical attention from society leaders. Today, seals are stamped right against the paper, with the seal positioned on the paper with a stamping method.

    Are Seals Certificates Important?

    In several authorities, seals are not only ordinary but needed for it to be correctly processed. Businesses who need to reach out to a wider target and join together with worldwide bodies will characteristically require that susceptible information be sent with appropriate seals. The seals note that the information in the latter or package is confirmed and certified by the dispatcher, removing the presumption of proving the genuineness of inward mails.

    The common seal maker in Singapore creates PDF module for certificates and diplomas for students of a certain course that are totally customizable. You can add watermarks, borders, seals or even illustrate grade information.

    Common seals are very important for institutions or companies because they are among the few features that can differentiate them from other institutions or companies. They are also utilized by establishments such as educational ones in certificate credentials for verification purposes.

    Common Seals in Singapore

    A common seal can be bought by an order, creating exceptional imprints. Making an imprint is a joint endeavour, with the client and company functioning together to produce the appropriate work of art.

    After items are completed, the design is sent. Then lasers incise a stamping platter; guaranteeing alignment before it is sent to the client. If you want speedy delivery, then there are common seal makers in Singapore who will hasten your order, ensuring that it reaches you in a timely manner.

    You may also consider rubber stamps if suitable. These are more reasonably priced and speedily made, with most rubber stamps being completed in less than half an hour. Rubber stamps tend to be more versatile than common seals, with many businesses using them for each day company operations.

    In order to portray the meaning in addition to the significance of that particular certificate, corporate seal should be used. Though, bearing in mind that it is usually used in vital documents, these papers are heavier than the standard ones.

    Why Do People Need to Purchase Common Seal Sticker?

    Common seal sticker becomes an important product for any business owners. This sticker is very useful to verify any documents as the official files from certain companies. This seal is usually used in several business documents, including legal document, deeds, major contracts, share certificates, and some other important documents. There are several important things that people have to know about this sticker.

    Some companies may provide this sticker for their clients who need this sticker for their companies. It is important to compare some available companies before hiring the best one for producing high quality sticker. Here are some reasons why people have to use this sticker. 

    1. Quick turnaround

    This is the first reason why people should choose this common seal sticker. This sticker can be produced very quickly. Most companies are able to produce this device in a few days. People don’t have to wait for too long when they are planning to have this sticker. Most common seals are produced within 1 – 3 days. Many business owners are interested with this product because of this reason. The production process is very simple to do. Therefore, this device can be created instantly without having any problems. 

    2. Make any documents look professional

    Many business owners want to purchase the common seal sticker because of this reason. Most of them usually want to make their business documents look professional. This sticker is very useful to add some values on any business documents. Therefore, this sticker is commonly used to represent the company in any documents. Many experts believe that common seal can also be called as company seal. This item can increase the trust from other parties who are looking at the business document with this sticker. This sticker can be considered as an essential item for any business owners. 

    3. Free delivery option

    This is another reason why this sticker becomes very popular today. Many business owners don’t have enough time for preparing this seal sticker. Most companies usually offer free delivery option for their clients. This free delivery option is very helpful for most business owners who want to purchase this common seal sticker for their needs. It means that people don’t have to visit some stores for purchasing this store. Some companies may provide some samples on their official websites. People can simply take a look at these websites before they can order their favorite stickers. 

    4. Affordable way to seal a document

    This sticker becomes very popular among many business owners. It is an affordable tool that can be used to seal a document. People don’t have to spend their money for purchasing any expensive seals that are available on the market. This affordable tool is recommended for most business owners who want to seal a document easily. Some companies may offer discounts or deals for their new clients who want to create this sticker for their needs. It is recommended for all business owners to compare some available companies, so they can start comparing some available stickers easily. 

    5. Can be used instantly

    This common seal sticker usually comes with some instruction manual. This device is usually ready to use for sealing any business documents. There is no complicated procedure that people have to do when they want to use this device. This is another reason why this device becomes very popular today. Many business owners want to find simple tools for sealing their business documents. This sticker can be operated by almost all business owners without having any problems. There are some instructional videos that are available on the Internet these days. People can take a look at these videos when they are interested in using this tool. 

    Common seal sticker is an important tool for any business owners. This tool is very useful to verify or seal any business documents easily. It is necessary to choose the best sticker that is produced by high quality manufacturers. There are some companies that have a lot of experience in this industry. There are three common colors that are available for this device, including red, silver, and gold. However, people can still make their stickers with their favorite colors. They can simply contact the best seal sticker manufacturer for creating their favorite items. Purchase this sticker from reliable and reputable company today.

    Learning the Basics of Common Seals

    A common seal is as good as a signature. It is used to signify that a particular document is approved or become official under the public office or a private company’s common law jurisdiction. Basically, this seal is used for two purposes. The first one is to execute a deed under a company’s law. The second purpose is to share certificates from one foreign company to another. This is done when a certain country has to use a seal to process a business registration under the name of a foreign business. The use of this legal seal truly is significant. That is why most companies still use them instead of just affixing their signatures on.

    These seals are also used by individuals who need to process legal documents. This is common in transferring a real estate property to a new owner, which is usually accompanied by a family on a certain degree, and involves complex actions to take effect. Other uses of these seals are for application of loan documents, purchase of significant products and others.

    Knowing the Purpose

    The general use of this seal is to facilitate legality to different documents. Generally, it provides good governance as legal matters can be well-organized. It also offers possibility of promoting and encouraging participation among concerned individuals with certain legal actions. As for public importance, it is used to regulate the council’s powers and all public officials as well.

    There are several documents that should be affixed with a common seal. These are the power of attorney, share warrant, certificate of shares and instrument of proxy executed by the body corporate. The type of documents needed to be affixed with this seal is different from one country to another.

    When, How and Why Seals are Used

    Due to the increasing clients inquiring about the difference between affixing signatures and using seals, several publications have already been available for public information. However, the terms used are too technical that it became difficult to comprehend from a layman’s understanding. Here are basics on how this legal seal is used, and who are the people authorized to use the seal:

    1. It is used by the governing bodies to end court cases under the common law. Now, it may be hard to understand what the common law is all about. Common law is the law that is created by the judges. Once a judge imprints the common seal to a particular case, it becomes official unless the decision is pursued to higher courts.

    2. When it comes to ownership of real estate properties, these seals are also used. This is applicable to private companies and individuals who want to acquire a property or sell it to another company or individual. As mentioned above, the purchase or transfer of property usually is associated with complex processes, especially when a family member or a company representative is involved.

    3. All common seals are kept under the custody of the board of secretary or by the management committee. No matter how it is kept, it is important that an authorized officer which is usually delegated by the board should be the one to keep the files. The officer will file a record of the seal’s purpose and report it to the board a few times a year.

    4. The seal is official once it is affixed on a document. However, there are certain rules that will make it legal. First, the application of the seal must be seen by two officers. These two officers will serve as witnesses and so their signatures are affixed on the document as well. The two officers could be the chief executive, executive director or any other authorized officer. In some cases, the officers are from the director of a specific department who is involved in the whole transaction.

    5. It is important that the documents are sealed by the executives as the non-executive officers may rule out the legality of the document. Having non-executive affix a signature may mean that the decision-making process was not done thoroughly and it can be reviewed by the board for possible revisions.

    Common seals do have legal representations and that it why it is still being used by many countries. Even though some countries begin to abolish its use, nothing could ever outdo its role of ensuring legality among different documents as used by private and public sectors.

    Types of Business Entities Which Require Company Stamp And Common Seal

    Recent developments in Singapore has given rise to booming business opportunities in the Southeast Asian country. Many investors are scrambling for the rapidly increasing business opportunities that this country is offering. Multinational companies are relocating to Singapore where the pastures are promising to be greener in each and every day. Big business opportunities like Real Estate development, home and office cleaning, book printing, clearing and forwarding services and many other business entities require company stamps before commencing their operations in Singapore.

    Businesses aimed at offering solutions to the local and international populace in Singapore require useful common seal or company stamp for effective service delivery. Investors in the Singapore’s transport sector involving fleet of buses or taxis require a company stamp that will differentiate the business entity from others providing similar services. The same applies to tourist guide companies, restaurant owners, web-hosting service providers and many other small, medium sized and big businesses in Singapore. You should check with the local administration on the requirements needed before establishing a successful business in the Southeast Asia country. One thing that is quite clear is that you will need a personalized stamp or seal for your own business. This means you need a creative service provider who will decorate effective common seals and company stamps that will serve your purpose well.

    Numerous online sites offering solutions to companies looking for affordable stamps and seals in Singapore can be accessed via the internet. You can simply access and apply for common seal or company stamps in Singapore by logging into your personal computer or selected mobile phone devices. The stamps will be delivered within a few days to your local office address. Other companies offering these solutions require their clients to personally visit their local offices where you will provide your company name and acquirer your preferable stamp or seal within a few minutes. Doing business in Singapore has never been much easier.

    Is There a Need for Both Common Seal & Company Stamps for Your Business in Singapore?

    For anyone who runs a business in Singapore, both common seal and company seal are extremely important. A company, regardless of whether it is a private limited company or just a limited company, will need a Common Seal in Singapore. The purpose of this item is to issue share certificates to the company’s shareholders and also for use in title deeds.

    The common seal or the company seal is used mostly for immovable property purchases besides the aforementioned certificates and deeds. The seal impression makes the document legal and binding even if it is only signed by two individuals. These can be two of the company’s directors or one director and the corporate secretary. The company normally registers the common seal that they will be using in all their transactions.

    When to Use the Company Stamp in Singapore?

    Besides the common seal, the company stamp is also used in legal transactions. Although in this case, it is used in purchase orders, leases, rentals, license applications as well as other transactions stipulated in the S144 of the Singapore Companies Act. The law also requires all Singapore businesses and companies to have their unique entity number printed on important documents such as bills of exchanges, invoices, publications and the like. In case the documents do not have this requirement, a rubber stamp with the said number can be used in its place.

    These two items are deemed very important in any business or company in Singapore. This ensures that all businesses are transparent in their dealings and can be easily identified in any business transactions. New business owners are urged to comply with the stamp and seal requirements in order to avoid being penalized. Worst case scenario is that the business permits will no longer be renewed after violating such rules.

    What is the difference between common seal and rubber stamps?

    Singapore Rubber Stamps

    Common seal (also known as company seal) is a seal use in the company or firm for major contacts, important documents, and shared certificates. Common seal comes with different types of designs, colors, shapes and sizes and can be customize too. Normally it takes about 3-5 working days to collect the common seal. For more complicated designs, it takes about a week to be done.

    The cost of 1 common seal is approximately about $68 and above depending on the types of common seal.

    Common seal have a lower and upper die that are pressed together to bring the dies together. It is easy to use and convenience to carry around. Rubber stamps usually comes with a varieties of colors, the most common ink color used by the company is black, blue or red. Black ink is more of photocopied, so it would be better to use blue color ink. It will look more presentable.

    Common seal also provides a secure form of authentication of company businesses and transactions.

    Singapore Rubber Stamps

    Rubber stamp is waterproof and refillable and it is easy to use and can be carry around. Customers do not need to buy or bring ink pad along with them. The cost of one rubber stamp is about $19 and above. Additional company logo or images will be charged approximately about $5 depending on the size of logo and images.

    Normally company rubber stamp should include registration number as it represents the company. As some companies tend to have the same name, with the registration number on the rubber stamp, it is better for verification.


    What is the heaviest paper weight that we can use the common seal on?

    Using 70 gsm (Fig. 1.1)
    Using 250 gsm (Fig 1.2)

    Common Seal also known as Corporate Seal are used as an affirmation of deal and comes with a level of significant. Where else a signature authorized by any members of the company only signifies as an act that is carried out on behalf of the company and are limited under the law of Agency.

    In order to present the significance as well as the importance of that particular document, common seal should be used. However, considering that it is usually important documents, these papers are usually heavier than the usual ones.

    Generally, papers from 70gsm – 120gsm is the most applicable for a common seal. Anything that is above 120gsm would probably not work out.

    Here’s a small experiment on how it would turn out when common seals are being used in different gsm of papers.

    According to the results, Fig. 1.1 and Fig 1.2 it shows an obvious results on how the thickness of the paper would affect the usage of the Common seal.

    What is the heaviest paper weight that we can use the common seal on?

    Using 70 gsm (Fig. 1.1)
    Using 250 gsm (Fig 1.2)

    Common Seal also known as Corporate Seal are used as an affirmation of deal and comes with a level of significant. Where else a signature authorized by any members of the company only signifies as an act that is carried out on behalf of the company and are limited under the law of Agency.

    In order to present the significance as well as the importance of that particular document, common seal should be used. However, considering that it is usually important documents, these papers are usually heavier than the usual ones.

    Generally, papers from 70gsm – 120gsm is the most applicable for a common seal. Anything that is above 120gsm would probably not work out.

    Here’s a small experiment on how it would turn out when common seals are being used in different gsm of papers.

    According to the results, Fig. 1.1 and Fig 1.2 it shows an obvious results on how the thickness of the paper would affect the usage of the Common seal.


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