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5 Types of Rubber Stamp Friendly Embossing Powders To Try Out

23 May

5 Types of Rubber Stamp Friendly Embossing Powders To Try Out

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Embossing powders make excellent finishing options when done right. If you are looking for ways to upgrade and breathe new life into your name cards or even just add a touch of colour to your crafts, embossing is the way to go! But people sometimes overlook the fact that embossing powders aren’t all just one standard powder. Different embossing powders recreate different design effects, so if you are looking for embossing powders, try out these 5 new embossing powders:

  1. Embossing Tinsel

Embossing tinsel is a type of embossing powder that is created with a blend of fine crystal glitter to recreate a pearl luster sheen for the material. What is good about Embossing tinsel powder is that it can recreate the sheen of metal and is non-toxic, as well as acid free. It can be applied on a variety of material for a luxurious feel to jazz things up- like paper mache, picture frames and more.

  1. Gold Embossing

Gold embossing powder is made to recreate the lustre of gold material. Smooth, consistent and easily combined with other materials, the gold embossing powder is a useful and good option if you are looking to give your name cards a powerful revamp. When combined with rubber stamps, they give a authoritative yet modern attractive design.

  1. Embossing Pearl

Embossing pearl is recreated with the shimmer of pearl gems in mind. Smooth, soft glowing and gentle, the embossing pearl powder reflects light with a texture close to silk. The shimmer strength is affected and adjusted with the base colour of the embossing powder and strongest when printed with black.

  1. Colour Blend Embossing

Colouring blends are embossing powders that are in between embossing glitter and embossing powders. Depending on what you require, there are different colour blends that are built for embossing purposes. Some of the embossing powder blends come inclusive with a smooth silky pearl effect or metallic sheen with an opaque base. When you’re looking for colour blended embossing powders, a good recommendation would be smooth glossy depth ones with strong finishing colours.
Here are just 5 of all embossing powders that are currently available in the market. Don’t be afraid to try out different embossing powders and see the outcome on your designs! As an added recommendation- make sure to clean your rubber stamps after you finish using them so that the embossing powder doesn’t stick to your rubber stamps. You can either use rubber stamp cleaners, or run your rubber stamps under water with soap.

  1. Embossing Enamel

Embossing enamel powders are a clear type of embossing powders that are versatile to use. Embossing enamels are usually created with large granules so they can be spread out and heated, which will form a smooth, glassy thicker surface. You will need to apply a thin embossing ink over the surface for it to be treated and sprinkle on the embossing enamel. Tap off any excess and apply heat to it. Bear in mind a single layer will offer a slightly bumpy texture, you will need three coats and heat it from under to make it completely smooth.



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