5 Tips for Using Alphabet Rubber Stamps

    5-tips-using-alphabet-rubber-stamps 5 Sep

    5 Tips for Using Alphabet Rubber Stamps

    Alphabet rubber stamps are convenient and useful for a plethora of users at all ages. Be it for crafting or professional use, there are some matters to keep in mind when using these rubber stamps. Here are 5 recommended tips to assist you in making good use of your alphabet rubber stamps:

    1. Straight Lines

    If you intend to use alphabet rubber stamps to form phrases in a straight line, understand that the finished effects can sometimes be not as precise as a single rubber stamp with the phrase. This gives the finished effect it’s own personalised charm. But if you wish to stamp as evenly as possible with multiple alphabet rubber stamps, make use of a pencil and lightly draw a line as a guide or use a ruler instead. You can also make use of alphabet rubber stamps that own a square outline since it helps line them up with others. You may need to practise with spacing but once you get it done, you will be able to do so successfully.

    2. Mixing

    When you have more than one set of alphabet rubber stamps, you can choose to mix and match them as well. This draws focus and plays on emphasis in interesting ways so experiment with different combinations to add a special customised touch on your finalised designs. A good recommendation is to begin trying them on spare paper first and vary between different textured as well as coloured paper.

    3. Fonts

    With different alphabet rubber stamp sets, not only can you mix and match, you can also decide to customise forms and documentation with different fonts for different purposes. For example- script fonts are elegant and pleasant to look at on design packaging, type-writer style alphabet rubber stamps are formal and professions, ideal for documentation with clean crisp lines. Different fonts evoke different reactions so make sure to see what font styled alphabet rubber stamps can be grouped together.

    4. Events

    For corporate events, different alphabet rubber stamps can be combined with different inks as a means to identify your guests. They can be used for stamping on the hands of others in an attempt to keep track of their attendance and more. They can also be used to identify special guests that are eligible for different events and activities.

    5. Labeling

    If your corporation has a system for labelling documents and invoices, alphabet rubber stamps can actually help you and your colleagues better manage accounts and other important factors. For example, varying the letters and ink can mean different actions to undertake. You can make use of the alphabet rubber stamps as discount codes and more.

    While these are just 5 tips to guide users in making the best out of their rubber stamps, rubber stamp users are also encouraged to experiment and push limits in order to witness what else can be achieved with these stamps!


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