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5 More Reasons QR Code Rubber Stamps are Fantastic for Business

22 May

5 More Reasons QR Code Rubber Stamps are Fantastic for Business

Quick response (QR) Codes refers to matrix 2-dimensional codes. It is made up of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background. More dynamic in plenty of ways compared to the typical bar code. They are made by free QR code generators and can be read by any mobile device with a QR code reader application installed.

Below are some of the reasons why QR code rubber stamps are fantastic for business:

The design of the QR code makes it easy to read. No matter the angle, the cycle time for a Smartphone to capture it is minimal. By virtue of being an image, it can be printed in almost any location or surface. May it be a newspaper, television advertisement, temporary tattoo, billboards, product packages to even clothes, QR codes can practically be everywhere the consumer is. Businesses with online retail sites can take advantage of its ease of print capabilities to manage consumer e-commerce traffic. One can take advantage of the on-the-spur purchases in odd shopping hours by leaving a QR code printed at the entrance during regular hours. Enterprises can also create their own QR code rubber stamp for business cards, flyer’s, invoices, production instructions and invitations. Furthermore, getting the consumer to get online will facilitate their interaction with the brand through new technological breakthroughs like social media, boosting online sales significantly.

The concept behind the technology, visa vi the technological requirements being a QR code scanner and QR code generator, is a license free investment. In fact, anybody can find the software free online. Learning to apply QR codes in any business is easy, as all you need is to target the Smartphone user market share.

QR codes can be applied beyond consumer analysis and engagement. They can be assimilated in the back end retail process to organise inventory. They can be used to collect information from the supplier to the consumer and can be used to promote the product. Moreover, it portrays a company as modern and technology savvy. Store managers can also use this technology to improve availability and accuracy of the stock.

They have the capacity to store a number of different types of data. Directions, vCalendar, Google map location, links to websites, reviews, manufacturing information, email addresses, telephone numbers and even short messages are all well within the capacity of QR codes. Not only can these new bar codes store a lot more information, but they are also less prone to error. The ease with which it stores information makes little room for redundancy. These are less risk of duplication or misprint. QR codes can still be read with little damage. QR codes are both simple and flexible.

QR codes have a psychological hold on the consumer. It acts as a call to action. The idea is that the consumer will be so curious to see what is in the code that will scan it even if they did not intend to. Due to the ease with which the scanning process is undertaken, enticing the consumer is not too difficult task.



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