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5 Aesthetic- Boosting Rubber Stamps To Combine With Name Cards

23 May

5 Aesthetic- Boosting Rubber Stamps To Combine With Name Cards

If you are looking for a cost effective yet highly attractive method to make your name cards stand out, why not try combining your rubber stamps with your name card design? Not only will it serve to make your name card design look much more attractive, you will also be making use of your rubber stamps for more than one purpose. Here are 5 aesthetic boosting rubber stamps you can consider investing in:

1. Corner Stamps

Corner stamps are rubber stamps that are designed to decorate corners of materials like scrapbooks, photo edges, and different materials inclusive of name cards. Corner style rubber stamps are usually ornately designed so as to best suit aesthetic needs- if you are in need of something to enhance your name card design or add style to simple name card formats, corner stamps are a good method of drawing emphasis on details that truly matter while still beautifying the material.

2. Journal Stamps

Journal stamps are rubber stamps that are designed to cater to the uses that everyone requires for journalling, for example: Line layouts, labels, keywords and more! If you want something more customised for your name card design, consider incorporating journal type rubber stamps into your layout as well!

3. Outline stamps

Outline stamps are an interesting design element to add to your name card layout.These rubber stamps usually come in either solid images or simple outlines without any colouring. You can make use of these stamps to either outline your name card design like framework, or create backgrounds and the like to further enhance your card. If need be, you can even go the extra mile by colouring in the outline with different decorative materials like chalk, paint and more! You can also take the opportunity to place in additional name card embellishments.

4. Brayer stamps

Add dimension and texture to your name card design by enhancing it’s overall effect with brayer style rubber stamps. Brayer style rubber stamps are good for mixing different colours, creating gradients between different inks and more! If you fancy adding a three dimensional effect between the colour of your name card design and actual ink or other colour mediums like paint, brayer stamps are an excellent aesthetic boosting rubber stamp option to choose from.

5. Alphabet stamps

Alphabet stamps are a staple when it comes to design. Alphabet style rubber stamps can be applied together with your name card designs to create depth and play around with the reader’s focus. For example, creating your corporation name with alphabet stamps while the rest of your details are printed can actually draw focus to important areas since the visual difference creates engagement. You can make use of alphabet stamps to add colour, style and dimension on your name card designs.

These are just some out of the vast array of options that are currently available in the market. Try experimenting with these rubber stamps and a combination of other materials! So much can be achieved with rubber stamps and name cards alone, so make sure to test and experiment with different aesthetic oriented rubber stamps to see what ideal name card design you can create out of the rest.


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