Get Hired – Tips on Securing an Employment Pass in Singapore

    18 May

    Get Hired – Tips on Securing an Employment Pass in Singapore

    In recent years, Singapore has become a highly-sought after location when it comes to securing the success of a company or business. This thriving metropolis is home to some of the best, well-established businesses the world has seen because of the city-state’s well oiled operations in terms of supporting companies.

    With all the success in the Singaporean finance and business realm, you should expect that the people who work there are top-of-the-line as well. Singapore is open to foreign workers and allows these individuals to acquire jobs within their boundaries given that they have secured employment passes. What exactly are the ins and outs of acquiring an employment pass in Singapore? This little list might shed some light.

    1. Familiarize Yourself with the Different Work Pass Types. The Ministry of Manpower (otherwise known as MOM) implements guidelines in order to minimize the chances of companies trying to employ foreign workers to cut back on costs. With that in mind, MOM has come up with different work pass types to help individuals and employers understand just what kind of work pass is most appropriate, as well as what policies and technicalities come along with each type. Before you acquire your work pass, make sure you and your employer discuss just what exactly they’re hiring you for and what work pass would suit you best.

    2. Choose Your Job Wisely – While we all know that it’s important to apply only for jobs we’re capable of performing, we can never avoid getting a little carried away with our applications. Some of us might even apply for opportunities beyond our current capacity just to get that higher salary rate. But when applying for a work pass in Singapore, it’s important to apply for jobs that you’re sure you’re cut out for. MOM reviews each application and ensures that each applicant is designated in the right vacancy, anyway, so you might as well make the right match.

    3. Make Sure to Inform Employers of All Your Relevant Experience – Because you’re applying for work in another country, that is Singapore, it’s important to list down all your relevant work experience to give them an idea on just what it was that you have accomplished in the past. This will give them a better idea on whether or not to grant you a work pass, and what kind of work pass they would grant you if in case they decide to. The qualifications for jobs vary greatly in different countries and so it’s important to make it clear how and why you’re a fit for the job despite the fact that you’re coming from another place.

    4. Secure Reliable References – There’s no other way a company can verify your reliability without first checking your references. This is one of the major factors that get these employers to decide whether you’re worth employing or not. To verify your information, make sure to list down some previous employers, co-workers, or even educators (for entry-level applicants) who can vouch for your work ethic and reliability.


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