Singapore’s Media Sector Will Get Boost to be Future-ready

    26 Apr

    Singapore’s Media Sector Will Get Boost to be Future-ready

    An organization named the Media Development Authority of Singapore is known as the MDA for short and it’s involved with a new initiative which is designed to prepare the entire media industry of Singapore for a brighter, more productive future.

    On April 11, 2016, the Singaporean Minister for Communication and Information formally announced this new initiative, which will be slated to run fully by the end of this year.

    Today, we’re going to share some of the most interesting aspects of this new media push. Singapore is moving into the future and anyone who wants to work in media will benefit from discovering the power and potential of the new program. It’s a great program which was designed carefully in order to fill a need.

    One key feature of this new media program is an awards system, whereby three hundred SkillsFuture Study Awards will be given to worthy persons by spring of 2017. The program is all about making it possible for the media sector in this independent state to make fresh content for the most cutting-edge media platforms.
    These awards help worthy recipients to move closer to their media career goals. The awards are for those who work in info-communications and design or have aspirations to succeed in these fields. Each award has a value of five thousand dollars.

    Learning Labs Will Open
    Another facet of the program is Creator’s Space, via One-north. One-north is a venue which will host a trio of practical and exciting content development programs, one of which is the Story Lab, which is a place for writers to draft stories. Later, a Writer’s Lab will open which is designed in order to foster achievement in scriptwriting for TV. In addition, a Games Solution Centre will be founded at the same location and this part of the program will focus on supporting local game firms.

    Having all of these programs at one location is a strategic decision which is meant to help media companies become very competitive in an independent sense. It’s all about making collaboration easy and straightforward. This venue promises to be a hub for media types and a great place to network and find the right partners and friends. It will be a welcoming and inspiring environment, where technical know-how and creativity walk hand in hand.
    As you can see, things are really happening in Singapore. The government believes in its people and take steps to help them achieve all of their goals. In addition, Singapore offers a range of other incentives to citizens and investors. It’s a place of opportunity which provides great quality of life, low crime rates and a beautiful environment.

    How to Learn More
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