What are the Do’s and Don’t When Making a Name Card?

24 May

What are the Do’s and Don’t When Making a Name Card?

Name Card Design

A name card is the first contact any potential client has with a company. It creates an interest in them to find out more about you and what you do. It is therefore important to create a name card that is well designed to create the attraction. Let’s look at some basics when making the name cards.

Making the Right Impression
Whenever you are making a name card, ensure that it captures the interest of your target client and also makes the right impression about you. You should ensure that the card looks and feels professional which will convey the best image about you or your company. You should pay a great deal of attention on the graphic design concepts used and the quality of print and printing material.

Images and Colour
In choosing a colour and an image to appear on your name card, there are some factors you ought to consider. The colours used should create an emphasis as well as an interest in your name card. It is wise to use the colours on your logo or image ensuring that you do not use more than 4 colours on the card. The colour tones should be matched to ensure that the bright colours are well blended with the mute colours making it attractive. Use images or photos that are appropriate and relevant to your line of business to pass the message effectively. If you have a brand name, you should use it on all the name cards in order for it to stand out to the potential clients. Do not veer away from your brand and marketing colours or the design scheme that is synonymous with your store, website and marketing materials. 

When typing the details to appear on your name card you should pay attention to the type of page formatting styles used. Do align your text to the left as it is easier to read the text than the centered type of alignment. You should limit the text to a single or two types of font types and do not use the unusual or decorative fonts for important details like contacts and name. An easy to read font type is the best to use on your name card for it to be more effective. The font sizes should also be checked to ensure that they are either too small or too big thus compromising the print quality. Don’t use colours that are light which make the text difficult to read or those with dark images in the background which obscures the text.

Do not go for thin papers because they are cheaper as it may imprint a negative idea on people about the quality of services you offer. Choose the best paper quality for your name card for durability and maximum impact on customers. The coating used on the name cards should match the purpose for which they will be used for. A gloss coating always makes the name cards appear attractive but you can also use non-shiny coating which will appear more formal. You can also opt to get some customized finishing options like raised lettering, embossing or foil stamping which adds a touch of class to your name cards.

Break the Norm
As we exist in a competitive world, you should always strive to think outside the box when creating your name cards. When you design a unique name card, everyone who sees it will stop albeit for a second and pay an extra attention to it thereby creating an extra impact to your brand. Out of the norm name cards will create an interest in your brand thereby leading to more gains on your part. However, extreme care should be taken to ensure that in breaking the traditional rules of making name cards, one does not go overboard making them look bad.

All the above are some of the do’s and don’ts that ought to be checked when creating great name cards. They should be kept as simple as possible making sure that the important details are captured in the best way possible. Your first impression is determined by the way you prepare your name card and hence extra attention should be paid to the process used in making the card.


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