What are Raised Print Name Cards?

24 May

What are Raised Print Name Cards?

Name Card Printing

Design raised print name cards to enhance uniqueness. Every business deserves to have a great aid to make formal introductions more profitable in order to cultivate new relationships. Business cards are more than contact information. They are a statement of your professionalism as an individual and as a business and serve as a way to market services. A good name card will broaden the customer base and magnify networks with other pertaining companies. The information contained should not be in any way erroneous as that sends a message of low degree of attention to details. 

What are Raised Print Name Cards? 

Ensure your raised print name have the givers full names and position, company affiliations and detailed contact information. A raised print name card is made with specialized thermographic printing. The text and even images on the card are produced using heat. The written material is ‘raised’ meaning that when touched, the letters can be felt. This is a method of card printing that has been used for issuing various invitations but the largest percentage of this thermographic work is reserved for business cards. Thermographic powder is added on the ink in sections that one desires to have that raised effect. The ink is then dried in a heating process creating a raised effect. The texture adds to the sophisticated elegance of a name card making it stand out among common business cards.

What Makes a Great Name Card?

Create a raised print business card that will be effective. A name card is an important tool and should be carefully considered before print. It is important to use a standard size. If a card is complex in paper design or large, it might be discarded because it will be clumsy to handle. Smaller cards on the other hand may save money but end up looking too economical and the text will not be as clear as should be. All text should be precise, understandable and organized. The space should be well utilized to avoid imbalance. 

Raised Print name cards offer a distinguished design. It is important to put a personal touch according to preference and company regulations. To enhance creativity, the quality of paper should be good without going to either extreme in thickness as long as it is sturdy. Poor paper can compromise a good design template but fine quality will make for an illustrious item. However, too much tweaks are also a misstep. Maintain class by ensuring less chaos of competing with splashy, colorful cards and keeping a natural simplicity.

Why Choose Raised Print name Cards?

Ask the pertinent questions before making a choice. What are raised Print name card benefits? Are they economical and effective? Advantages of these business cards over normal flat ones have not been explored. It is a little known fact that raised print cards are usually cheaper than the alternatives in the market. This may depend on the vendor but the prices are pretty competitive contrary to popular assumption. This is great especially for professionals requiring a lot of networking. It is a reasonable investment. They also offer an understated sophistication due to the lack of extreme exuberance. No matter who finds it in their hand, there will be no cause for rejection or distaste from those preferring simplicity.

Due to the small number of raised name cards in the business world, they are more memorable than most of the others. With a rare texture and precise details, there is no avenue that it will not be embraced. The limitations of these cards are few. The greatest is the lack of variety in colors because thermographic printers are limited in the number of colors they can raise. Due to the special attention required in their operation and paper that would be wasted without the intensive care, they can be costly. The key is to always find a competitive company with experience and credibility.

Give your Business an Edge of Sophistication

Add raised name cards to the company budgets and experience full benefits. Freelancers can benefit highly due to the large costs incurred while networking with potential clients. When dealing with top executives who will not appreciate an extra splash of colorful goodness, choose the classic simplicity of these cards. Professionalism is not born out extremes. Sometimes, less is really more.


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