Interested in web marketing Singapore?

Internet marketing, also known as online marketing, refers to advertising and promotion efforts that are done through the internet. Its aim is to market a company’s brand, services or products through mediums such as e-mail to bring awareness, direct sales and sales lead. A good web marketing campaign can easily boost a company’s sale many times.
Web Marketing Singapore

Bringing in visitors to your website and increase visibility is crucial to all businesses, especially new ventures. As one of the few top Singapore SEO Consultants, we specialise in helping you gain good visibility and ranking in Search Engines so that people will see your business when they run a search on related keywords using Google or Yahoo Search Engines.

Why Optimise Search Engines?

Optimising Search Engines is the one of the most effective advertising as visitors coming to your site through Search Engines often have the intention to buy or find out more about your services or products. For a simple keyword like ‘buy laptops’, there are close to 5,000 searches (extracted from every month in Singapore!

Ranking your website high in the Search Engines will definitely get you targeted leads passively while you are working on your business.

Results Driven Agreement – Money Back Guarantee


The good news is, we charge S$500 per keyword only when it is ranked in Google. We are not charging a single cent if your keywords are not ranked on Google page 1.

Basic Google Optimization Package starts from 10 keywords only, capped at $2500.

For illustration purposes, you have 7 keywords ranked on Google page 1, we will be charging $2500 instead of $500 x 7 = $3500.

Likewise if you only have 1 keyword ranked on Google page 1, we will only be charging $500 for that keyword.

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