Do Various Sizes of Rubber Stamps Have Any Difference?

10 May

Do Various Sizes of Rubber Stamps Have Any Difference?

The use of rubber stamps dates back to 1800s when the process of vulcanization was discovered. This was the mixing of sulfur and rubber before putting them on fire. The resultant material was so flexible that those who used to experiment with them discovered that they could produce quality stamps. Until then, people used metal stamps that were made of brass.

A rubber stamp consists of a vulcanized sheet of rubber that is mounted onto wood, brick, or any hard material. It has to be coated with ink first before it is pressed into a paper, wood, metal, fabric or even glass. Rubber stamps come in different designs and sizes that fit its different uses. Do the various sizes of rubber stamps make any difference? The answer will come from looking into the different aspects of a rubber stamp.

The category of the stamp

Many people do not understand the use of a stamp beyond the office space. Apart from being used in offices to mark the dates on mails and documents and to validate documents by acting as seals and signatures, stamps are also used as children’s toys and for artistic purposes.

To suit their different purposes, it would be impossible to use stamps of the same size. Toy stamps are usually created in small sizes having different designs, shapes, and colors that allow children to work with them easily. Artistic stamps on the other hand, consist of artistic designs that are carved into rubber material and if they are made very small, the design might not be visible or clear. Office stamps sizes depend on the number of words, font size, and the logo if any.

The use of a stamp

It is true that the most common use of rubber stamps is in the office. It is not possible though to use only one stamp for all purposes. This is because an office carries so many functions that require the use of different stamps. For instance, there are small address stamps, medium address stamps, general purpose stamps, single line stamps as well as general purpose large stamps. Using a small address stamp on a large parcel or invoicing would cause a high level of incompatibility as such parcels needs to have a visible stamp. In addition, large stamps cannot be used in place of small address stamps as it would appear all over the document or parcel, which is embarrassing.

1. Small size stamps

For small address stamps, the stamp dimensions can be approximately 42 X 20/45 X 15/35 X 12 mm and can accommodate up to 3 to 4 lines of text having about 25 characters per line. Such a stamp suits schools, home, coupons, checks and offices as well.

2. Medium size stamps

Medium size stamps can have dimensions of 75 X 35/76 X 37mm and can accommodate up to 6 lines of text each having about 40 characters. They are ideal for general purpose use, although best suited for delivery notes, invoices, and notepaper.

3. Large size stamps

Large size stamps can have dimensions of 87 X 15/69 X 10 mm to 90 X 55 mm that are good for single line stamping and general purpose large stamping respectively. The dimensions of single line stamping can support up to 2 lines of text each having 45 characters and ideal for email addresses, VAT number, websites, and check payee. The general purpose large stamp can accommodate up to 8 lines of text with 50 characters per line. These stamps are good for marking parcels, invoicing and large return parcels.

People can easily become confused when it comes to stamp sizes. The truth is that no single stamp size can be used for all functions especially in an office. Different stamp sizes suits different uses depending on the content that it can support, the font to be used and the specific space that is needed to fit. In fact, when ordering a stamp, it is required that you specify the type and the size of the stamp. The number of lines that you need depends on how large your characters need to be.

The various sizes of stamps are not just a mere beauty, but designs to fit their respective purposes. Whether small, medium, or large, they are meant to be pressed to display characters that pass the necessary information in the best way possible.


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