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Uses & Benefits of the Roller Stamp

16 May

Uses & Benefits of the Roller Stamp

People are using the rubber stamp for centuries and these stamps haven’t lost the popularity till now. The Rubber stamp is a kind of stamp, where ink is applied to the engraved structure or some pattern, which is molded on the portion of the rubber sheet, and then it leaves an impression on a paper or where ever you want. This sheet of rubber can be mounted on any kind of stable structure like wood, steel iron etc.

You can find many styles of rubber stamp in the market, nowadays. Some of the most used stamps available in the market are flat stamps, rocker stamps and roller stamps. As you can imagine, a flat stamp is kind of stamp in which a flat portion of the sheet is mounted on a flat handle and you can just apply the ink on the sheet and use it, according to your wishes. In a rocker stamp, you will find a contour shape or curved surface, so you easily move your stamp back and forth to get the desired result.

The roller stamps are a very interesting kind of stamps. You can easily say that roller stamping is a very organized way of stamping and can be a lot of fun for some artists, as well. You can use the roller stamps for all kinds of office works and as a company stamp. If you want to use the roller stamps for office works, you can find many roller stamps in the market on which different dates and years are marked. You can also customize the roller stamps, according to your use.

Apart from just office work, you can also use roller stamps for all kinds of decorating ideas as well. You will find thousands of stitch designs engraved on the roller stamps and then you can use these stamps to decorate different pages and borders of your project. It doesn’t matter if you want these roller stamps for office uses or some decorating ideas, you can find all kinds of roller stamps in the market easily nowadays.

If you are using the roller stamps for decorating purposes, then there are many techniques to use it in the interesting way, yet with an effective result. One of the most basic techniques is that, you apply all different kinds of inks on the paper instead of roller stamp. Through this medium, you can create some amazing backgrounds. As you can see, this technique is very simple, yet you can achieve many different and interesting results just by varying the amount of the ink on the paper. You can achieve all kinds of grungy or blurry effects, just by rotating the stamp, randomly, until all the remaining ink has been cleared. If you want some kind of a particular color or shade in the background, this technique can be really helpful for you.

If you want to increase the longevity of your roller rubber stamp and want the desired and good results for a long time, then the cleaning of your roller stamp is a very important part to achieve the task. There are many benefits, if you clean your roller stamp regularly and efficiently, and some of the disadvantages of not cleaning the stamp, properly, can be-

· The ink pads of your stamp would not be contaminated with various colored inks, if you would clean your stamp regularly and you would get the best results for a long time.

· If you would not clean the stamp regularly, then after some time you would find the dried ink, clogging the different parts of your stamp. As a result, you will find all your future work and images, unclear and shady.

· If you will not clean your stamp properly, then it would tend to gather dust and dirt after some time, which would affect the desired results a lot.

If you want the desired results for a long time, then you should follow these cleaning tips-

· Try to tap the stamp on some waste surface after using, so extra ink would be removed from the surface of the stamp, then it would be easy to clean the stamp afterwards.

· Don’t use any kind of cleaning agent or cleaning product to clean your stamp which contains an alcohol because it causes the rubber to dry out and your stamp would get damaged.

As now you can see, the roller stamp is a very interesting kind of stamp and it has many applications and you can use this stamp, according to your different needs.



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