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Why Use Loyalty Card Stamps?

10 May

Why Use Loyalty Card Stamps?

In today’s economy, the loyalty of customers has become a crucial aspect of survival and success for any company. Because loyalty is so valuable right now, companies are looking for ways of increasing customer loyalty, such as the use of loyalty card stamps. Why use loyalty card stamps? The reasons are many and there are many benefits for companies. First, there is a need to understand where loyalty card rubber stamps can be used.

The stamps can be implemented in bars, clubs, shops, tea rooms and cafes. The following colors can be used in the majority of cases: green, black, red, violet and blue. The original purpose of rubber stamps was to provide rewards to loyal customers and encourage them to acquire goods from the same store in the future. Due to technological development, the cards begun to have more purposes as they became a rich source of information for clients.

This information was provided by companies to their customers. The benefits of using the cards can be of two types: financial and strategic. Stores can take advantage of these cards for understanding what their clients are usually buying. In coffee stores, customers may already be familiar with the stamp system that provides free coffee as a reward for those who collect the stamps that are found on every coffee that they buy. These stamps are usually made of paper.

But, recently even coffee shops have begun to use plastic instead of paper, as this can be a similar practice to the practice that is characteristic to supermarkets. It has been already proven that the use of plastic stamps provides more value to the customers. However, these cards are offered mostly for the more expensive type of coffee. Of course, not all loyalty card strategies are worth, but they are useful if they are applied properly.

For example, some of the customers who may find a certain coffee shop as the only one way to work may buy coffee from the respective shop every day and benefit from lots of stamps. Companies can benefit from offering cards in other ways as well: when the client receives a stamp, the person may also provide an email address or a home address to which the company can send vouchers. When the buyer presents the card, the person is entitled to get a discount or use the gathered the accumulated points for getting the next product for free or other benefits.

You can imagine a loyalty program as a form of virtual currency that is centralized and has a cash flow that is unidirectional. The reason is that you do not get cash in exchange for the accumulated points, but a service or an item. All over the world, loyalty program have an increasing need to outsource operational and strategic aspects. The manager of such a program is usually an agency that is skilled in domains like communication, loyalty consulting and software, creativity or data analytics.

There is a trend now regarding the use of online and mobile loyalty programs instead of the traditional cards and stamps. The main purpose is reaching to the point where the traditional card will be replaced with an electronic equivalent. Until then, the classical stamp is the best tool for implementing a loyalty program. The use of loyalty cards is not always efficient, as this depends on different factors. The use of loyalty programs can be one of the things that matter for a business, along with others like advertising, using the right location and having a good website.

Why use loyalty card stamps? The reasons can be obvious. Especially for a restaurant or a pub, the use of loyalty card stamps can be helpful to increase your customer base. The stamps can increase your sales very much and there is no need for a high investment. All you need to do is acquiring the cards and the stamps. You can use the template of other companies to do this fast. But, it is better to take time and design unique stamps that others may find hard to reproduce. The next step is deciding what reward you will offer to your customers. In the end, choose the number of transactions that are required for earning the reward. The majority of companies select intuitively a set of ten transactions.


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