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The Different Type of Printings Used For Name Card

23 May

The Different Type of Printings Used For Name Card

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Printing a good name card requires not only does it requires a good design, but it also requires a good printer. It is therefore essential to know what you want to get from your printer. There are many different types of printing processes that can be used for printing name cards. In this regard, it can be challenging for any consumer to know the best printing method to be used for printing name cards. The following are some of the different type of printings used for name card.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is a new and very effective type of printing that can be used to print name cards. It has eliminated the use of plates and film. Besides, it is able to send a digital file from any type of computer to the press directly. Digital printing that is used for name card is reasonably faster compared to the other type of printing and thus it makes it a very convenient technique for meeting the time restraints as well as the deadline for printing name cards. Name cards are printed out quickly and this makes it a suitable technique when printing name cards for urgent needs. This is mainly because production of high quality name cards is essential regardless of the type of event or business that it is going to be used for.

Laser Printing

Laser printing is an electrostatic process of digital printing that quickly produces very high quality graphics and texts by passing the laser beam over a drum that is highly charged in order to define a uniquely charged image. As a result, the drum will selectively collect any charged toner and then transfer the image that is produced to the printing paper. This is then heated in order to fix the image produced permanently. As for the multifunctional printers and photocopiers, the laser printers employs the use of xerographic type of printing; however it differs from the analogue photocopiers since the image is often produced by direct scanning of the material that exist across the photoreceptor of the printer. Therefore, it is a faster process of printing that can be used for printing numerous name cards. 

Offset Lithography

Offset lithography is a very common type of printing that is used for a huge number of desktop publishing on papers that require high production level and also require printing name cards. Offset lithography is used to print any type of textured materials since it economically uses ink and just require little time in order to arrange the press. It is a printing method that is based on the ideology that water and oil do not mix. It is used for printing name cards since it can be used in approximately all the printings on paper, for instance brochures, name card, magazines, newspapers amongst others. Using this method, the printing paper products are often inserted into the CD jewel cases just like all the other cardboard materials used for packaging. The main advantage of offset lithography type of printing is that it is relatively cheap and very common. 


Thermography is a type of printing that can be used instead of engraving printing method. This is because it is less expensive compared to engraving printing method. It is used to generate raised printings on letterheads and name cards. While you are planning to use thermography printing method, it is important to get some samples from the printer in a different paper and ink colors. It is at times criticized for being tacky and very cheap however, when it is carried out efficiently it can actually be very attractive. In addition, while using a thermography type of printing, letterpress might be used for production of small quantities of name cards such as business cards as well as other letterheads. It is normally used in printing designs that require the use of different properties of letterpress. 

Finally the best types of printing that will assist you get the most appropriate printing result for your name card is to ask numerous questions regarding your printer. This is mainly due to the fact that the process of printing used to produce name cards will actually deliver the needed results. Therefore if you have selected a good type of printing to print name cards, then the outcome of the products will generally be qualitative.  


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