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Step by step guide to using a Flash Stamp Machine

17 May

Step by step guide to using a Flash Stamp Machine

While the majority of individuals and companies order custom stamps, there is an alternative option which you may wish to consider. If you require a variety of different stamps, you might be interested in purchasing or hiring a Flash Stamp Machine and crafting your own stamps.

What is a Flash Stamp Machine?

A Flash Stamp Machine can be used to craft high quality rubber stamps in your own home or office.

What supplies are required?

In order to create your own flash stamps you’ll need a laser printer, tracing paper, exposure film, flash foam, ink (ensure you opt for oil based ink) and a set of flash stamp holders. The reason why it’s crucial to use a high quality laser printer is that the clearer the images you print out, the better quality impressions you’ll get from the stamps you create.

Step by step guide to making your own flash stamps:

1. Design the image of your stamp on your computer

The first step in the flash stamp making process is to design the image you want to appear on your stamp, using a computer program of your choice.

2. Print out the image or text you desire

The next step is to insert a sheet of your tracing paper into your laser printer before printing out your chosen text or images. If you’re keen on creating multiple flash stamps, try positioning multiple images on one page before printing your page out.

3. Cut out each individual image

Once you’ve successfully printed out a page of images or text, use a pair of craft scissors to carefully cut out each image.

4. Insert your first tracing paper image into your Flash Stamp Machine

The next step is to grab an individual image, which you’ve cut out and to place it your Flash Stamp Machine. Ensure that it you place it face up so that the image or text is facing towards you.

5. Cut out a small piece of exposure film

Next, grab a sheet of exposure film and cut out a square which is slightly bigger than image you wish to create a stamp of and place it down gently on top of your image.

6. Place your flash foam on top or the exposure film

Now, it’s time to gently place a piece of flash foam, on top of the piece of exposure film which you just placed on your tracing people image. Ideally the piece of flash film should be the same size as the image you wish to turn into a stamp.

7. Lock down the lid of your Flash Stamp Machine

Once you’re confident that all three layers (the tracing paper image, the exposure film and the flash foam) are in place. Close the lid of your Flash Stamp Machine and lift the machine’s handle to lock it down into place.

8. Turn on your Flash Stamp Machine and adjust it’s power level

Once your Flash Stamp Machine has been locked down, turn it on by flicking on the power switch. Which in most cases will be located at the rear of your Flash Stamp Machine. Next adjust the it’s power level by using the control knob located on the front of your Flash Stamp Machine.

9. Start the exposure process

When you’re ready to start the exposure process, simply press the green button which should be found on the front of your Flash Stamp Machine. Now, all there is left to do is wait a few seconds.

10. Open your Flash Stamp Machine

Now it’s time to unlock and open up the lid of your Flash Stamp Machine and to lift out your foam stamp.

11. The inking process

Carefully pour your oil based ink into a cheap container before placing your foam stamp face up on to the top of your oil. Make sure to wait until your piece of foam is fully covered in ink.

12. Mount your flash stamp

By this stage your stamp is almost complete. All that’s left to do is to mount your foam stamp into a specially designed flash stamp holder using super glue or craft glue.

It only takes 12 simple steps to create your own flash stamp. Better yet, as the procedure is relatively simple, you’ll be able to repeat it several times to create a variety of flash stamps within a short space of time.


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