Co-working is becoming more popular among self-employed professionals, and various categories of field workers and freelancers who travel or work from home. A typical co-working space provides a well-furnished facility that is occupied by professionals who do not belong to the same organization. It eliminates the isolation involved when telecommuters work from home and cuts out the distraction that occurs in most public libraries and coffee shops. Here is a brief explanation of co-working and the benefits it offers to independent professionals.

What is Co-Working?

Basically, co-working is the practice of using and sharing the same office space with other people who are not from the same company or organisation. Usually, every worker in the office has a booth or desk. Most of the office spaces provide facilities for power, internet connectivity, air conditioning, and good lighting.. For example, co-working office spaces such as SIPM Serviced Office help many freelance workers to overcome the isolation they experience at home and improve their performance at work.

Advantages of Co-Working

Co-working spaces offer all independent professionals many unique benefits. In addition to reducing boredom and isolation, they also enhance the worker’s concentration and productivity. Here is a brief outline of the major benefits of using co-working spaces:

1. Every worker has an opportunity to work faster and better in a conducive atmosphere.

2. Business and personal networking can occur naturally without disrupting normal work flow.

3. The feeling of isolation associated with freelancing and working at home is eliminated.

4. Co-workers will develop a sense of community and learn to trust each other.

5. Regular office overheads like the cost of high speed internet connectivity, printing costs and other utility bills will be reduced.

6. The co-working environment offers the chance to collaborate with other people so that large tasks are completed faster.

7. Professionals can enjoy high quality office accommodation that will could have been beyond their budget if they rented it alone.

8. Workers can easily switch from one office facility to another; they are not tied down by very long leasing agreements.

9. Professionals will broaden their knowledge base by interacting with other professionals from other fields.

10. New intimate relationships may be developed.


Using a co-working space for your business can enhance your overall performance. It is a cost-effective strategy to relocate your business to a well-equipped environment and enjoy the company of other professionals. You will also have the privilege to meet and interact with many other businessmen, freelancers and entrepreneurs that can be a source of inspiration to your business.


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