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Should You Have A Branded Name Card Holder in Singapore?

24 May

Should You Have A Branded Name Card Holder in Singapore?

Name Card Holder

To expand your clientele in Singapore, it’s highly recommendable to have a branded name card holder that you can issue to prospective clients and business associates. There are a number of designing companies who can manufacture a quality card holder that resonates with nature of your business at an affordable price. 

So, what are the benefits of having a branded name card holder? Here are the answers.

Build Credibility: Clients need to be sure that your services or products are legitimate and worth the money. Global companies understand this fact too well as evident from the working protocols, ethics and marketing tools that they use to enhance their credibility. A quality branded name card holder can help build your credibility especially when dealing with prospective clients. 

Enhance Competition: Competition is a ominant market force that control all markets that are not a monopoly. To achieve both short term and long term business goals, you need to effectively compete with other businesses offering same or similar services. Incorporating a quality card holder in your marketing strategies can give you a higher cutting edge in the market by grasping attention of target audience and luring them to do business with you.

Ease Introduction: Communication is crucial to success of any business. As an entrepreneur, you need to be able to pass information to your customers in a consistent and professional manner. There is no guarantee that they will remember your name and location of your offices after the meeting. Such details can be incorporated on the surface of the card holder at no extra cost. By doing so, they will be able to contact you whenever they need to without necessarily going online. In fact, this will save them time and money for other income generating activities. 

Reputation Management: It goes without saying that companies which have succeeded in attracting millions of customers here in Singapore have a clean track record and positive reputation. Upholding a good reputation is not a walk in the park considering the fact that competitors can spread negative messages in a bid to get more customers. A professional name card holder can help you manage your reputation easily without necessarily having to spend a fortune. This is based on the fact that clients can gauge credibility of a business by just looking at the quality and material used to make the card holder.

Let us proceed and look at aspects that should be considered when creating a branded name card holder.

Fabric: It is a good idea to use a designer plain fabric that is neutral and capable of painting a positive image of your business to prospective customers. Desist from using fabrics with too many prints as this could disorient and affect your credibility negatively. 

Pattern: An expertly designed pattern will go a long way in adding value to your name card holder. As mentioned earlier, a professional designer or artist can draw a quality pattern for you at a fair price. Alternatively, you can decide to create it personally using a piece of paper, pencil and ruler. Be sure to submit the pattern to designing company so as to get best results. 

Size: ideally, branded name card holder should not be too large or too small. On average the length should not exceed 9 inches and the width should be at least 4 inches. If possible, it should be rectangular in shape. 

Business details need to be clear: Your business details should be printed on the material in a font that is clear to all who view it. Be cautious not to use too many colors as this can affect visibility of individual characters negatively. It’s totally fine to include a photo or company logo if you have enough space. 

Be Creative: To stand out from the crowd, use your creative skills to choose a design that is unique and ideal for your business. Bottom line, it needs to be simple and unique. 

Consider Cost: The cost of making a particular branded name card holder largely depends on the materials to be used and complexity of the pattern. Be sure to include the cost in your budget to avoid financial problems down the road.

Having a branded name card holder in Singapore is one of the surest ways of establishing yourself as a professional and growing business to its full potential. 



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