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S$120 million plan to grow talent pool in growing infocomm sector

19 Apr

S$120 million plan to grow talent pool in growing infocomm sector

To say that the Internet has totally transformed our day to day lives may be the understatement of the century.

What was once believed to be nothing more than a passing fad, our lives are far more intertwined and connected because of the reach of the web, with many of our day to day activities completely transformed through the use of this advanced technology.

The world of communication has changed forever, the business landscape is a completely different beast than it ever was in the past, and there are more opportunities for people to take advantage of advanced technology and connectivity today – and likely even more available in the future.

The people of Singapore understand all of the advantages that online connectivity has to offer more than most. This country has always been forward thinking and focused on utilizing the most advanced technology available to improve their economy, to build their nation, and to foster global relationships – and they are now gearing up to push a flood of funding into Internet focused technologies to create even more opportunities for their citizens.

The Internet has completely transformed the financial opportunities available to everyone connected to the web

As we touched upon above, the online connected world today has completely transformed the financial opportunities available to anyone and everyone that can connect to the Internet.

Old barriers of entry to business have completely crumbled and fallen by the wayside, and now it’s possible for literally ANYONE to create a global business in about a half an hour – provided that they have a laptop, a credit card, a domain name, and an active online connection.

The Info Commerce Industry is absolutely exploding with opportunities, and it gives everyone the chance to create the financial future that they’ve always dreamed of with next to no investment of funds.

The global info commerce industry is regarded as a multibillion dollar industry and only growing larger on a regular basis. The people of Singapore are pouring into this arena left and right, utilizing the amazing high-tech infrastructure and benefits that their government has provided to squeeze every drop of success out of this opportunity possible.

On top of that, the Singapore government is making it even easier to get involved in the info commerce industry with a major round of investing coming up.

Singapore is gearing up a tremendous flood of funds to help grow their local talent pool focusing on the info commerce sector

According to information released by the Singapore government, there is going to be a major investment of close to $120 million to help grow, foster, and nurture new jobs and positions in the info commerce industry over the next four years.

The Singapore government is hoping to create 30,000 new jobs by 2020 with this major investment, though industry insiders already anticipate that they’ll be able to hit this number in about half that time.

This test pilot project is the kind of forward thinking maneuver that the Singapore government is known for. Always investing in their economy and in their citizens, it wouldn’t surprise anyone if the $120 million investment grew significantly by the time 2020 rolls around.



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