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Rubber Stamps VS Acrylic Stamps- Which Is Ideal?

rubber-stamps-vs-acrylic-stamps-ideal 20 Jun

Rubber Stamps VS Acrylic Stamps- Which Is Ideal?

Currently in the market, rubber stamps and acrylic stamps are two of the most popular rubber stamps that are available. They have withstood the test of time, and still remain favourite choices of consumers even after all these years- and for good reason. However, when it comes to purchasing them, it can often be a difficult decision to make. Rubber stamps or Acrylic stamps- which is ideal? Here are some things to consider:

Rubber stamps are usually stamps created with designs that are etched into rubber sheets and mounted onto wooden mounts and other assorted mounts. These types of stamps are typically great in terms of durability since high temperatures were used in the process of manufacturing them, and as such, they are able to withstand techniques that require higher temperatures like deep embossing.

Acrylic stamps, on the other hand, is manufactured as a type of clear stamp that primarily uses sticky or clingy backing that is used for affixing designs to your acrylic block for stamping purposes. They are created through a light development process.

Both acrylic stamps and rubber stamps hold clear advantages and disadvantages when compared with each other.


In terms of positioning the stamps, acrylic stamps are more accurate with the final stamped design. This is due to the fact that acrylic stamps are mostly clear, so you can see where you are positioning your stamps, thereby accurately pinpointing the exact position your stamped image will be. You can combine your acrylic stamps with other stamps a lot easier compared to regular rubber stamps.


Acrylic stamps also take up less storage compared to mounted rubber stamps since they can easily be stored in plastic sleeves, shelf folders, CD cases and other areas. This leaves more room for arranging since you will only need a few acrylic blocks to use at a time. Compared to traditional rubber stamps who require a mount for each, acrylic stamps are a lot more easier to store.

Image Quality
In terms of image quality, traditional rubber stamps stand at an advantage. Since they are created ideally for heat embossing, the rubber pads are deeply impressed and etched for a crisper design. Rubber stamps also come with a ‘cushioning’ sensation that can help reduce patchy images, thereby improving the quality of your stamped image. Rubber stamps are ideal when it comes to designs with intricate detailing since acrylic stamps are typically produced by photo development, and therefore, are unable to pick up intricate details.


When it comes to durability, regular rubber stamps are more durable compared to acrylic rubber stamps. Acrylic stamps tend to lose stickiness, which will make it difficult to attach to the acrylic blocks properly, which can compromise the quality of the final stamped image. Rubber stamps are built to last longer compared to acrylic stamps. If you are able to maintain and keep your rubber stamps well, they will last for a long time compared to acrylic stamps, that will deteriorate naturally given time.


Unfortunately when it comes to the inks that users use, acrylic stamps can stain very easily, especially when used with solvent based inks. Bleach techniques that require acetone and oil based ink are generally not recommended for acrylic stamps either. Washing however, is both easy for rubber stamps and acrylic stamps. Warm water and soap or professional ink removers are recommended.

These are just some of the factors that one has to consider when deciding between rubber stamps and acrylic stamps. Are you clear on which stamps to choose from now? What choice would you make and what can you achieve with them? Experiment with some and find out how they can benefit your daily practices today!



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