Are rubber stamps cloth-friendly?

22 May

Are rubber stamps cloth-friendly?

Yes they are! In the recent past, rubber stamps are used on different kinds of materials including clothing. Stamps used on clothing are meant to certify the quality of the fabric and simultaneously decorate these clothes. Additionally, the stamps are used for identification purposes and designers in Singapore use them for branding and marketing purposes.

It is evident from that fabric stamps provide easy methods of personalization for clothing and other fabrics. These kinds of rubber stamps are mainly used for marking school clothes, camp clothes, and for industrial applications. Manufacturers of rubber stamps in Singapore also produce fabric stamps for their various clients.

There are different kinds of these stamps available for use in Singapore. Whether one needs a self-inking clothing stamp or fabric ink to use with a separate stamp, they are guaranteed to find them in the city.

Due to an increase in the number of companies and institutions that use fabric rubber stamps, makers of rubber stamps in Singapore have the necessary equipment to make these products.

The printing ink is water-based and nontoxic. Therefore, it does not get affected by water when the clothes are washed multiple times. Furthermore, the stamp acts as a sign of style and customization for the fabrics on which it is used. To set up for printing, one needs some ink and little water for mixing.

Also, more water is required for washing off to make the stamp more precise and clear. A wet rag is used to wipe the stamp after it is rinsed.

If an individual wants to stamp their fabrics, they should do so using a towel underneath the fabric to absorb any excess ink. The absorption allows for clarity of all details. However, other clients require stamping a large number of fabrics. Thus, makers of rubber stamps in Singapore make sure that they fulfill every one of their client’s specifications.

Every client has their specific needs and thus, fabric rubber stamps vary from a client to the next. To make sure that the stamp impressions are long lasting, they are subjected to heating for extensive embedding into the fabric. Normal rubber stamps are not cloth-friendly because they are easily washed off. But, fabric stamps are effective in cloth-printing.

When mixing the colors, it is advisable to start with the minimal amount of ink. Then, as the mixing continues, more ink is added until the client gets their preferred coloration. The stamping in most cases does not consume a lot of ink. Thus, one should not add a lot of ink at once. The ink also gains a darker shade once it dries on the fabric. It is also advisable to have test samples conducted for the client to inspect.

Using the samples, the best rubber stamp on fabrics is settled upon. With an increasing demand for fabric stamps, makers of rubber stamps in Singapore have expanded their services into making rubber stamps that are cloth-friendly. This deviation into different fabric stamp designs ensures that all clients are satisfied to entirety.


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