Recreate Multi-Colour 3D Typography Effects For Your Name Card Template

20 May

Recreate Multi-Colour 3D Typography Effects For Your Name Card Template

Create professional business cards that are vibrant and creative by learning to design multi-colour 3D typography effects! With these effects in place, you can draw attention to detail and innovation while still  communicating the core values of your corporation. Here’s how you can brighten up your name card template:

First, designate and create the background for your name card template. Once successfully created, make use of the type tool to type your desired text. Take the opportunity to tweak the colour as well as font type until you find the combination that you want to use on your professional business cards. Select and align the font size accordingly.

To make your typography 3D, you can rely on the fill colour effects to recreate the illusion of layers and thickness. Locate the window tab and select appearance, this will enable you to choose the add new fill option, thereby now having two fills for the text. Set the opacity of the new fill and lower it to 50% before switching the blending mode into overlay. Now add a third fill layer and drag it above the other two- this time, make use of the effect tab and look for Distort and transform.

Choose the transform option and drag the scale sliders to a recommended 99% before creating yet another fill layer. These layers are used to build the 3D structures- Select the Effect option once more and choose 3D. Next, select the extrude and bevel section. Adjust according to your requirements before choosing to add shadow. You can achieve this in your name card template by choosing Effect and stylise. You will then be able to find drop shadow.

Once you have created dimension for your text in your name card template, you can add shading for a more realistic end result. Create another fill and choose the colour as black, then select the Path option under the effects tab and choose offset path. Experiment with different px until you find one that works best for you and confirm the choice. Next, transform the layer again by using the option found under the effect tab and move both sliders to roughly 15 or 20 px. Lower the opacity of the black colour fill and choose to blur so that the effect is softened. Simply select the effect tab and look for the gaussian blur under the blur options. You will be required to set the blur radius so do so until you attain the result you desire.

Duplicate the black fill and remove the gaussian blur for the black fill on the bottom. Switch the blending mode to soft light instead and lower the opacity slightly. Choose your text once more and add a black fill for it as well, but be sure to offset it’s path once more. Apply the gaussian blur and lower the opacity once more. Repeat the same step for the text layer’s black fill by duplicating and switching blending modes. Finish up your name card template by considering the background. You can choose to add more dimension in the overall name card design by creating a subtle shading with radial gradients!


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