Paper Name Cards Vs Plastic Name Cards

    25 May

    Paper Name Cards Vs Plastic Name Cards

    In the age old question of paper name cards vs plastic name cards, we settle the score today with these factors that one should consider before deciding on the material to be printed on. After all, the best name card design (  requires nothing but the best materials to work with in order to fully maximize it’s aesthetical value. Find out which material your name card should be printed on here with these considerations:

    1. Durability

    For long term usage, it’s only natural that plastic name cards win this round. Plastic name cards are resistant to wear and tear, and also resistant to the elements like water so you don’t have to worry about ruining your name cards with accidental spillage. They also come with a degree of flexibility as well so you can slide it into your wallet with the knowledge that it will not be bent out of shape or have to be forced in either. The quality of your plastic name card won’t change even when you hand it out to clients afterwards.

    1. Production

    In terms of production time, standard card stock name cards are usually faster since plastic takes a longer time to print using. So if you are pressed for time, you may want to try printing with standard card stock name cards instead, since the production time it takes to bulk print is a lot faster.

    1. Finishing Options

    When it comes to finishing options, paper name cards take the lead once again since they were innovated first and you can do many things with card stock. However, the finishing options for plastic name cards are catching up too. But if it’s texture you are looking for- like linen surfaces and the like, then paper name cards are the way to go. Paper name cards are also safer to experiment with when it comes to testing out new name card ideas (

    1. Use

    Apart from being used as a marketing tool, plastic name cards are advantageous since it can be used for other purposes as well. For example, you can reuse them as bookmarks for your books and project files if you have an abundance of name cards (and secretly whip them out in a pinch) or to even double up as wine coasters at social events so everyone gets one- a subtle yet resourceful method of giving them out.

    1. Versatility

    Despite being two different material, both plastic name cards and paper name cards are good when it comes to versatility in design. They can be experimented with endlessly to achieve better and better results as time passes so both of them have their own advantages in this area.

    In conclusion, both paper and plastic name cards are good in their own ways. It all depends on the factors you prioritise, the effects you want to achieve and the cost you are willing to spend on. With all these in mind, you will be able to pick up the best material for your name card.


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