All you need to know about the various types of stamp pads

17 May

All you need to know about the various types of stamp pads

Stamp Pad

If you plan on purchasing traditional rubber stamps, you’ll need to purchase a stamp pad before you can use your new stamps as traditional rubber stamps do not come pre inked and need to be manually stamped with a stamp pad each time you wish to create an impression. However, if you plan on purchasing self-inked or pre-inked stamps it isn’t necessary to purchase a stamp pad as both self-inked and pre-inked stamps contain internal stamp pads. Both pre-inked and self-inked stamps contain enough ink to create a few thousand impressions, after which you’ll need to replace your stamp’s internal ink supply. To find out more about the various types of stamp pads which are available, continue reading.

Dye based stamp pads:

Dye based stamp pads are designed specifically to stamp paper and work by soaking paper with ink which has been specially formulated to be absorbed quickly. While dye based stamp pads are ideal for everyday office use, if you plan to stamp high gloss paper, such as photo paper, you should avoid dye based stamp pads as they have a tendency to smudge on high sheen surfaces.

Pigment based stamp pads:

Unlike dye based stamp pads, pigment based stamp pads contain solid pigmentation, which is much thicker in consistency than dye based stamp pads. Pigment based stamp pads do not soak surfaces like dye based stamp pads and instead coat the top of surfaces with a layer of pigment. While impressions created by pigment based stamp pads take slightly longer to dry than impressions created by dye based stamp pads, they tend to be vibrant and less prone to fading over time. If you’re interested in experimenting with pigment based stamp pads, a great tip to keep in mind is to use a sponge to apply pigments to your stamp.

Hybrid stamp pads:

While hybrid based stamp pads are relatively new to the market, they are quickly increasing in popularity as they can be used on any surface, including fabrics. While hybrid stamp pads typically dry quicker than pigment based stamp pads and are easy to clean off surfaces, if you make a mistake, they don’t create as crisp or clear impressions as either dye based or pigment based stamp pads.

Specialty stamp pads:

1. Resin based, pigmented stamp pads

Resin based, pigmented stamp pads contain resin, instead of glycerin and as such impressions which are stamped with a resin based stamp pad dry within a few seconds of being stamped.

2. Fabric stamp pads

If you’re interested in stamping fabric such as a t-shirt, make sure to opt for a fabric stamp pad as if you stamp a design onto fabric using a fabric specific stamp pad, it won’t smudge or get washed off in your washing machine. As an added, bonus if you make an error when stamping fabric with a fabric specific stamp pad, simple wash the fabric with cold water and soap and your impression will be removed as impressions stamped with a fabric stamp pad aren’t permanent until they have been heat set.

3. Washable ink based stamp pads

If you’re concerned about getting ink stains on your clothes or furniture, simply opt for a washable ink based stamp. If you have children who you’d like to create arts and crafts projects with, a washable ink based stamp pad may also be a smart choice as they are non-toxic and as such, child friendly.

4. Rainbow stamp pads

While the majority of stamp pads come in single color varieties, in recent years rainbow stamp pads have become increasingly popular as purchasing a variety of color stamp pads separately, can be expensive.

Stamp Pad

5. Waterproof dye stamp pads

If you plan to stamp an outline of an image onto a surface and then color in your outline using water color markers or paint, make sure to opt for a waterproof dye stamp pad in order to prevent your stamped impressions from running.

Now that you’re aware of a few of the different types of stamp pads which are currently available, you should have the knowledge you need to choose the right stamp pad for your needs. Just remember, if you ever have trouble distinguishing the difference between pigment based and dye based stamp pads, simply refer back to this article.


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