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All you need to know about hand stamps

17 May

All you need to know about hand stamps

Have you browsed the various models of hand stamps on the market, only to be left confused of the advantages and disadvantages of each type? If you’re shopping for stamps, continue reading to learn all you need to know about the various types of hand stamps, that are available so that you you’re able to choose the stamp type which best suits your individual needs, or your company’s requirements.

Hand operated stamp varieties:

1. Traditional hand stamps

Traditional stamps, also known as rubber stamps feature a simple rubber based stamp which users stamp with a separate ink pad before making an in impression on a piece of paper. Traditional stamps offer great value for money and are ideal for individuals and companies who use stamps on a semi regular basis. However, traditional stamps may not be the best choice for individuals or companies who are required to create hundreds or thousands of impressions per day as manually inking and stamping traditional stamps, each time you want to make an impression can be a time consuming process.

Another advantage of choosing traditional stamps is that you can effortlessly change the color of your impressions, simply by using different colored ink pads. A second advantage to purchasing traditional stamps is that when you run out of ink, you can simply purchase a new ink pad online. Whereas, if you choose self inked or pre inked stamps you’re often required to purchase specific refill packs, which will fit your chosen stamps.

2. Self inked hand stamps

Self inked stamps boast internal ink pads and revolting die plates, which allow users to effortlessly create crisp, clean impressions with every use. They are a great choice for individuals and businesses who are required to produce hundreds or thousand of crisp, uniform impressions without having to worry about messy ink blot stains or faded stamp impressions, which can result from using traditional rubber stamps. One of the few disadvantages to purchasing self inked stamps, is that there is no way to quickly change the color of ink you’re using. So if you have a need to use different color ink on a regular basis you may be better off opting for traditional rubber stamps or purchasing multiple self inked stamps.

3. Pre inked hand stamps

Like self inked stamps, pre inked stamps offer one distinct advantage over traditional stamps, it’s far easier to position self inked and pre inked stamps to create precise, straight impressions, than to create a straight impression using a traditional rubber stamp. While pre inked stamps are generally pricier than traditional and self inked stamps, most pre inked stamps are manufactured for a life time of use. As a result, pre inked stamps work out to be cheaper than traditional and self inked stamps, when you divide the purchase price of a pre inked stamp with the total number of individual impressions you’ll create with it over a lifetime of use.

Other considerations:

1. Ergonomic handles

No matter which style of stamp you opt for, it’s worth putting serious thought into choosing a stamp which boasts an ergonomically designed handle which will lessen the risk of developing a hand strain caused by making repetitive stamping motions. If you envision using your stamps on a daily basis, it’s also worth opting for a stamp with rubber handles which contour to the shape of your hand.

2. Customization

Again, no matter which style of stamp your opt for, there are a myriad of different ways which you can customize your stamps. Not only can you customize the text and or images that appear on the stamps you order but you can also customize the look of your stamp by adding your desired photograph, picture or text. Personalizing your stamps is a wise choice, especially if you’re purchasing multiple stamps of the same type or work in a large office space and want to avoid getting your stamps mixed up with stamps which belong to your business partners or colelagues.

Now, you’re aware of the various types of hand stamps on the market as well as their distinct advantages and disadvantages, you’re in the best possible position to choose the stamps which are best suited to the needs of your business.


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