Namecards: Quality vs Quantity

23 May

Namecards: Quality vs Quantity

When it comes to namecards, you have to attain the right balance between quantity and quality. A namecard represents you and this is why it is important to ensure you make the right impression by designing quality cards. But you also need to make sure you give out your cards to as many important contacts as possible. You cannot compromise one for another. 


Think about the objective you want to attain with your name card. Do you want to use your cards to increase sales or get new contacts in the business? It determine the specific number of name cards that you should print. Print an adequate number of cards to allow you to offer them. You should have sufficient name cards when you attend a business or social event. 

One of the most common mistakes that people make is printing more cards than they require. Print more cards if they run out particularly if you are using digital printing because you can use the same design. You will not want to waste the name cards if you have changes on the card. 


This is one of the most important aspects to keep in mind whether you are printing one or hundreds of namecards. Your personal preferences will determine the kind of design that you will include on your cards. You need to consider the impression that you want to make on the recipients. A premier quality card will get noticed and make you look professional. Poor quality cards are unpresentable. 

You have to focus on quality once you determine how many namecards you need. One of the factors that will determine the quality of your card is the font you select. Select a font that can be read easily. It may be difficult The last thing you want is to force a recipient to reach for a pair of reading glasses to see what you have included on your card. There are certain fonts that tend to be easier to read such as Times New Roman, Arial, and Helvetica. The font sizes should be more than 10 points. 

Another important consideration to make when thinking about quality is the amount of information that you add on the card. Namecards tend to fit onto standard size – 90mm x 55mm and this means that you have to highlight the most important details instead of trying to cram as much as possible on the limited space. When it comes to quality, the design structure need to be impressive. The relevant details include are your names, contact information, and title. These details should place at the front. You can add a QR code at the back for getting more business information such as promotion, discount. Simplicity is essential if you are aiming for quality. 

Professional printing is recommended if you want quality cards. Some people want to save cost by printing their own cards but they may appear unprofessional if they are poorly printed. If you are out to impress, you should be willing to spend money on namecards. Using professional designer allows you to take advantage of custom designs that will be a true representation of your business. 

You have to put in a lot of thought when designing a namecard. Research the name card design is important that enhance the creativity and unique. It is also necessary to ensure there is continuity by matching your name card with your business site and logo. This will help to make it easy for recipients to connect all your business elements. 

Most people assume that a glossy namecard is classy. But this is not necessarily true. Quality name cards are made of the right type of paper, design, and print out. The paper should reflect the business image that you want to display. 

Uniqueness is essential when it comes to quality namecards. Your card should allow you to stand out from the other people in your niche. If it fails to do so, you do not have a quality namecard and you need to rethink the design.

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