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Namecard printing- Artwork Submission & Ordering

24 May

Namecard printing- Artwork Submission & Ordering

Artwork submission and ordering are important in business. They communicate to potential clients the seriousness of the company in its cause. Artwork can be on various business documents, for example, name cards. Artwork in name cards should be impressive yet professional. Its design should appeal to outsiders in a way that encourages the desire to know more about the business. So, how does one go about with artwork submission and ordering? Below are several significant guidelines that will help you effectively submit an order with the necessary details when it comes to outsourcing.

1. Choose a start file; this is the starting point for artwork submission.
Companies have different preferences of how they want their artwork submitted. You can choose a start file in the following formats; Adobe Photo-shop, Adobe Page Maker, Microsoft Word Adobe Illustrator, Adobe In Design. In agreement with the style you use, there are different procedures for submitting the artwork.

Create a better impression for business cards

2. Develop your design; in creating your design it is important to ensure that all the important images and texts are kept within the margins in the case of Adobe Page Maker. This is to ensure all the information on the artwork is visible. The artwork in name cards should assume a design that displays important information, for example, the name of the business right on top.

3. Submit the file, having developed a design; your artwork should be ready for submission. Before submission, it is important to make sure that you look out for the low-resolution reviews. A low resolution for example on a name card might give a wrong impression of you or your business.

Common mistakes in submission

There are several common mistakes that individuals and businesses make while doing artwork. These mistakes include:

Incomplete backgrounds, sometimes you may forget to extend backgrounds to the edge that might lead to white strips appearing after your card has been cut. For the best impression make sure the backgrounds are extended to the edge.

Zoned out text, artwork should be legible; core information should be centrally placed. Zoned out text, means text that has been left out or it is beyond the margins. Before printing make sure that all text in the artwork is within margins. In the case of name card design, it is advisable to choose a design that highlights your key information.

Empty cards, sometimes, unintentionally you may upload a name card with no text or images. This means that your submission will not be valid. The main cause of this is the failure to save the design after working on it. Always save your card design in your respective platform before submission.

In artwork ordering, the general rule is to order in time. Ordering in time is crucial as it gives companies doing the artwork enough time to deliver it to you. If you are ordering via post mail make sure you calculate the time dimensions of mail delivery and order at least a week earlier.

You can also order via email; emails save you the hassle of uncertainty. However, the main tip here is using your official email to order. Unofficial emails may not be taken seriously by print companies hence you may lose out on your print order. Artwork submission and ordering are two inter-related concept that each business entity should be aware of. Artwork for example on name card design is becoming an important form of networking.



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