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MyRepublic vs Consistel: Which will be the better telco?

22 May

MyRepublic vs Consistel: Which will be the better telco?

Singapore has always been one of the most well-connected countries on the planet, and they continue to develop new, advanced, and pioneering technology, infrastructure, and companies to help them lead the charge as far as telecommunications are concerned around the world.

There has been quite a bit of activity in the telecom world in just the last few years, with major corporations in all parts of the planet competing with one another to unveil new advances, expanded networks, and innovative new solutions to help meet the ever-growing demands of a world that continues to get more and more connected as time goes on.

In Singapore, however, the telecom world is maybe the most competitive. For major telecom companies are fighting it out to gobble up as much of the market share available as humanly possible, and in the process are releasing amazing new technological advances, ridiculously low prices, and expanded infrastructure that allows them to provide advanced services at almost unbelievably attractive price points.

The two largest telecom companies duking it out for market supremacy would have to be MyRepublic and Consistel. In the Singapore telecom industry, and both of them are gearing up for a very long term battle against one another – and any other comers that might jump into the fray.

MyRepublic is believed to be the front runner for telecom supremacy

According to industry insiders and experts that are very closely monitoring the situation, MyRepublic currently enjoys a competitive advantage over their competitors – so much so that many believe that this is the company that will survive the incredibly cutthroat battle being waged in the telecommunications industry of Singapore right now.

Recent market information forecasts that the MyRepublic company will have a return on investment close to 25%, compared to the 10% that is anticipated from Consistel. This is quite a large discrepancy and disparity between the two companies, though there’s more to this competition than meets the eye.

Consistel has been rolling out incredible hardware upgrades and network infrastructure

Not willing to go down without a fight, Consistel has been making significant investments in their infrastructure, rolling out new hardware upgrades, and generally improving the overall mobile connectivity experience for their customers.

They have just recently unveiled to the people of Singapore that they are looking to increase their network capacity to the 4.5 G level, and they are willing to spend $1 billion to do so. Already reporting that they have secured close to $400 million of funding, they are definitely going to continue to fight this telecom battle until the very end – which is only going to be beneficial for consumers across Singapore.

If these two major telecom companies fight it out for an extended block of time prices are only going to get better, services are going to expand, and major new investments will be made in the field of telecom connectivity.

Regardless of who comes out on top, it’s nice to know that the consumers in Singapore are inevitably going to be the big winners!



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