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Magnetic Name Cards – Hit Or Miss

4 Jul

Magnetic Name Cards – Hit Or Miss

Magnetic name cards appear to be the newest trend in marketing and advertising, with many corporations hopping aboard the metaphorical bandwagon and replacing conventional name cards with them in functions. But are they truly that much of a hit or should you be missing out on this entirely? Let’s weigh in with the pros and cons of magnetic name cards:

Magnetic Name Cards

In terms of branding, magnetic name cards give you a big advantage seeing that others generally stick to conventional printed name cards so stepping up to the next level helps improve people’s impression of you and the company you are representing. If you are able to design magnetic name cards with unique coloured layouts and your company details, it would serve as an interesting way to get noticed.

Magnetic name cards also function like mini billboards since it allows people to tack it to metal surfaces like a fridge or their cabinets and the like. This way, a visual reminder will be given to them each time they come across it, and will be used to subtly promote your company’s services/products each time they see it. This can be a good way in encouraging potential customers to take action.

Another good thing to note about magnetic name cards are that they do not need to come in the same size as regular name cards. So you will be able to retain enough space to fill it with essential information as well as explore creative ideas with your name cards. The more you can make your magnetic name card stand out, the better it will be at the end of the day since potential clients are likelier to tack it someplace easily accessible if your magnetic name card is not only useful but also aesthetically pleasing.

However, there are some negative factors to consider as well. When giving away magnetic name cards, proper care has to be given so that your potential clients, investors or collaborators will not make the mistake of placing the magnetic name card in their wallet the wrong way. Carrying bank cards or credit cards that possess magnetic strips are common, and magnetic name cards can interfere with the effectiveness of these cards if they are placed in the same direction, thus making potential clients have to go through the trouble of replacing their credit or bank cards. This may backfire on you if you aren’t careful.

Services enabling the printing of magnetic name cards are easily accessible however, the rates of magnetic name card printing can greatly differ. You need to consider the production time and fees that are charged compared to other printed name cards as well as the probability of your potential clients actually using the magnetic name card. These factors have to be weighed in order to determine if you are actually spending more than what you are gaining back through sales conversions.

All in all, when effectively used, magnetic name cards can bring an improvement in brand awareness and encourage others by becoming a clear call to action. While precautions have to be taken care of when handing them out, the benefits of magnetic name cards clearly outweigh the negative aspect and are definitely worth the investment!



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