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Is Name Card Still Normally Used in Singapore Despite of the Change of Technology?

24 May

Is Name Card Still Normally Used in Singapore Despite of the Change of Technology?

A concept of how computer connected and communicate around the world through internet and server. You can change the screen on main computer to suit your needs.

A name card still plays an important role in Singapore in spite of the technology changes that have taken place over the years. The introduction of mobile devices and social media has made it easy for people to connect with one another. Most people assume that it is easy to reach another person through the internet. But the internet does not provide a personal touch, which is essential if you want to succeed in the business environment. 

It is also important to note that while there have been some significant technological changes; there are people who still rely on traditional communication channels. For this reason, namecards will continue to be part of the business world. Business cards are great networking tools because they are simple but very effective. 

An effective business card is straightforward and only contains essential information. It is supposed to represent your brand in a tangible manner. As you design your namecard, you need to remember that first impressions are very important. You need to have all the basic details about yourself including name, company, telephone contact, physical address, and email address. This information should be presented in a simple way. Make the most of the available space. There are various ways that you can use namecards in the current business environment. 


Most professionals tend to be overwhelmed by the amount of digital information that they are required to access through email or social media networks. It may be difficult for them to remember you or your business if you are one of the many people who send emails or messages on social networks. Some contacts still expect you to offer your card when you meet. Your namecard acts as constant reminder that you offer particular products and services. If you meet a contact or prospective client in a meeting, offering your business card is an affordable and simple way to reconnect with them in future. 

Stand Out

You have to stand out from the other business people if you want to succeed. Namecards are still considered useful tools in Singapore because they make it possible for you to get the kind of attention that you require to make an impact. When you use a name card, you have an opportunity to showcase your personality. A well designed name card does more than give your recipient your contact details. It gives the recipient an idea about your personality. 

It is advisable to use professional printing companies to make your namecard if you want to get the right kind of attention. You have to use different colors and patterns to make the card visually appealing. If you use a card that incorporates an unusual element, it will remain in the recipients’ minds and this makes them more likely to get in touch with you to conduct business. 

When people get a business card, they want to know that you will offer them something unique. It is not always possible to establish this when you connect with someone on the internet. Your namecard design and layouts sends a personal message. Make sure it is a positive message. 

Namecards continue to be used in Singapore in spite of technological advancement but this does not mean that you expect too much from them. You are supposed to use your cards as the initial step when you meet a business contact or client for the first time. The card gives you a chance to establish familiarity. Make sure all the cards you give out are in good condition. They should not have any scribbled notes.

It is advisable to only offer a single card to each recipient. You should make the most of your cards by offering them to as many people as possible. Offer a card once you have introduced yourself to the recipient and had a conversation. This will demonstrate that you are interested in establishing a relationship. In addition, you need to think about the kind of people who you will offer the cards to. Offer cards to people who are likely to need your services and products. You have spent a lot of money to come up with the cards and it would be a waste if they are not offered to the right people. Take advantage of namecards and combine them with other networking tools to grow your business and establish important relationships in your industry. 



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