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The Interesting World Of Multi-Colored Rubber Stamps

10 May

The Interesting World Of Multi-Colored Rubber Stamps

Unlike in the past when stamps were only available in single colors such as purple, green, red, black and the famous blue; currently the rubber stamps in vogue are the multi-color, self-inking stamps which allow users to make their colorful impressions visible to their clients and competitors alike. They make the previously mundane and boring process of stamping quite artful and beautiful.

Whether you want you want a rubber stamp for an insurance office, a doctor’s suite or a bank teller’s terminal a multi-color, self-inking rubber stamp that’s integrated with a stamping pad is what you should go for. Depending on your preference, the core design can be made from a variety of materials of choice like steel, wood or plastic.

The functional components in most of these multi-colored stamps are usually made of high quality synthetics, the designs are quite superior when compared against what other rubber stamps have to offer and most of the leading stamp brands can avail versions of multi-colored stamps to fit their client requirements and needs.

Depending on where you get your stamp from, these multi-colored stamps are usually quite bright and modern in their look. Most of them are very robust and come indexed; showing you the impression you will make once you have inked the stamp; this is normally on the upper surface of the mount used.

Those who are conscious about the environment need not worry as one can decide to go for a range that is supplied from recycled or recyclable material. In such instances the base of these stamps will be made from fully reprocessed abs. The handles though are usually made from very prime material so as to offer full impact strength; these handles are recyclable and can be returned and recycled for use in base production.

Most multicolored stamps can allow up to 8 different color combinations or imprints on one stamp. To ensure that this multi layered color impression pad is cut to your exact specifications, most stamps will have their impression pad laser cut so as to improve and enhance accuracy. The use of laser technology allows for almost any design to be incorporated onto the available color fields. The most popular colors available include Gray, Fuchsia, Brown, Black, Green, Orange, Sky, Crimson, Red, Yellow, Blue, Light Blue and Lime. The range of colors is wide; it all depends on what you want, where you buy your rubber stamp and its overall quality.

It should also be noted that the impression area sizes vary from one manufacturer to the other, but the larger the impression area the better; this is especially so if you need highly structured designs on your color fields. The 46mm X 67mm or 2″ x 2 3/4″ is usually quite popular. For better results, it is advisable to ensure that the space between the characters or letters used in the color fields is 2.5mm or 0.1″. For ease of use, the minimum size of any color field should be around 8mm X 8mm or 0.1″X 0.1″

Just like other types of stamps, these multicolored ones also use high quality dye that’s manufactured through computer aided design and some very advanced ink technology to produce just the correct tint and shade of dye. This implies that irrespective of your companies color combination, you are bound to find a dye that’s suits you just fine.

If you are buying your rubberstamp online, then it is important to send the correct artwork and specifications. If possible, confirm with the team involved before the final product is delivered to you so as to avoid unnecessary disappointment. It is also important to check on their delivery schedules, this becomes very critical if the rubber stamp is required urgently to seal a deal or transact some business.

Advantages of Multi-colored Stamps

· Multi colored stamps have gained a lot of popularity as they are constantly being used by companies to differentiate themselves and stand out from the competition.

· One can also have some very colorful stamp impressions that incorporate company logos or other symbols that may be in line with the corporate design in place.

· Because of the variety of colors available, it makes the end product (impression) quite memorable and also allows the organization to artistically express itself to the masses.

· Contrary to popular belief, these multicolored stamps are quite simple to create and produce and can easily be found online.

· Once you have made the initial purchase; re-ordering or getting similar stamps will be quite simple and straightforward. Your supplier will not require you to go through the design stage again, unless you are making some changes.



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