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How do I Identify High Quality Stamp?

10 May

How do I Identify High Quality Stamp?

A rubber stamp may look like any other office equipment on your desk, but it is not. The image it leaves on your documents, weather it is a simple image, initials, or a combination of both, is a unique identifier that sets your documents apart.

It is a very important part of any company or business since it is through your rubber stamp that a client can have confidence in any piece of documentation from you. It guarantees that a document really is from you. It is a way of validating any document you send.

Every company that is committed to presenting the right image to its client needs to have a high quality stamp. One that stands out and displays the level of professionalism the company stands for. There are different services that offer custom stamps.

In order to buy the best stamp, you need to know how to distinguish between a high quality stamp and substandard ones. Here are a few factors to help you identify a high quality rubber stamp.

Method of inking

Stamps require ink in order to leave behind a visible print. This ink needs to be applied on the stamp in a way that is both convenient and discreet. Convenient in the sense that very little or no effort should be required and discreet in that there should no risk of the ink ending up on unwanted pages and surfaces.

There are two main types of stamps when it comes to the method of inkling. We have the stamps that come with a separate pad; these require that you place the rubber stamp on the pad that contains ink before stamping. Self-inking stamps on the other hand are designed in a special way; the stamp and the ink-pad are all assembled into a single unit. The stamp rests on the pad when not in use, any time you need to stamp on a surface, it is able to flip away from the pad and leave a print when you press it down on the appropriate surface.

A high quality stamp is one that does not require you to press it manually on a pad anytime you want to use it. Self-inking rubber stamps are therefore the best.

Method used to engrave the image on to the rubber

Initially, getting the image you want on a rubber stamp was done by a skilled who would manually cutout the words and images on to a piece of rubber by hand. This is not an easy job and requires very steady hands.

Modern ways of engraving images and fonts on rubber includes molding, hand carving and laser engraving. Laser engraving is the fastest way and produces excellent results. The best quality rubber stamps are therefore ones made through laser engraving as opposed to hard carving. Laser engraved stamps are accurate and have more detail. Machine guided laser offers better accuracy as compared to curving out the images by hand.

Laser engraving has led to the production of high quality stamps that contain more detail impossible to achieve through hard carving. We now have stamps that have smaller artistically looking fonts that produces perfect looking stamps.


The most important part of a rubber stamp must be the rubber. This is because it is responsible for the final image. However, the durability of the stamp depends on the construction. Self-inking stamps are usually made from plastic. These have a tendency to break and come apart if you drop them.

IF you want a high quality stamp that will last long, go for one made of very durable materials. Metal is usually the strongest and great in terms of quality.

Stamp material

The most common material for stamps is rubber. This is because rubber is easy to cut and curve out. They can also be curved from wood. Curving wood requires more professionalism and patience. Stamps can also be made from silicone. Different materials offer different quality prints.

When you need a stamp for your company, organization or personal business, you need to understand that every stamp has its unique quality and purpose.

A high quality rubber stamp therefore is one that has excellent quality print, and whose construction involves the use of high quality materials that gives it the desired durability.





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